MTNA 2017 (2): Sunday, March 19

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9:15am NEW Pedagogy Pics: Video Clips of Students Caught In The Act of Being Themselves, by Bruce Berr.

Bruce Berr (well-known for his wonderful column in the American Music Teacher magazine — an MTNA publication for its members) has been video recording his lessons for the past 25 years. When students start lessons with him, he gets permission and just leaves the camera on all the time. He afterwards erases clips that aren’t worth keeping.

In his session, Bruce shared a handful of student videos and made pedagogical observations with each. The first video was a clip of a student improvising for the first time. The second clip was of an early advanced student working out some technical issues in a piece by Granados. It was fun to get a glimpse into his teaching style!

10:30am Advanced Piano Master Class: Leon Fleisher.

Renown teacher Leon Fleisher gave an inspiring masterclass as our plenary session.

We ate lunch at the Loch Bar again today, because it was so good yesterday!

1:00pm Showcase: Alfred Music: Fishin’ For Musical Treasures

I love attending the publisher showcase sessions to learn about the new music that is being put out. Among other things, Alfred discussed a new release called Premier Piano Express — an all-in-one accelerated method series.

During the Alfred showcase, Amy and I ran into Heather Nanny, of the Fun Key Music Blog. Conferences are great for meeting friends you previously knew only online!

2:15pm App-Laudable Uses of Apps in Music Lessons, by Joy Morin. (me!)

It was an honor to have the opportunity to present a session at MTNA this year! My topic was App-Laudable Uses of Apps in Music Lessons. Please click here to read more about my session and download the handout.


In the hallway, I ran into Wendy Stevens of!

At this point, the conference schedule allowed us some time to peruse the exhibit hall. There, I found The Curious Piano Teachers booth and had the opportunity to met their mascot, Ed the elephant, and Sally Cathcart.

That evening, I attended the OhioMTA state dinner, where any teachers from Ohio who were attending the national conference could share a delicious meal at Roy’s — a Hawaiian Fusion restaurant.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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