Drawers for Organizing Music Games

Last year, I blogged about the drawer system I use for organizing my music games. It so important to be able to easily find the needed teaching materials during lessons!

Since moving last summer, I ended up updating my drawer categories somewhat. This drawer unit is from IKEA, by the way.

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I’m always tweaking my organization system, but as of now, the six drawer categories are:

  1. Props/Improv — Japanese puzzle erasers, various props for teaching hand shape, Rory’s Story CubesFlashcards for Composition/Improvisation, etc.
  2. Rhythmrhythm cards, Rhythm Train Game, Rhythmic Value Cards, etc.
  3. Alphabet — this includes piano key identification cards, Scrabble tiles (A-G only), alphabet spinners, alphabet dice, etc.
  4. Notes — musical alphabet word cards, note-naming flashcards, etc.
  5. Intervals — Ice Cream Interval game, interval cards, etc.
  6. Keys — key signature flashcards/dice, key props and printables, and anything related to chords.

In another room, I keep a few drawers of games that only work for groups of students. I pull those games out when I hold my Piano Parties (monthly group classes).

Whatever your system, the most important thing is to be able to find what you need, when you need it! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Drawers for Organizing Music Games”

  1. It is so helpful to see what others have done. I have a brand new studio, much smaller than my old one, and I am struggling to figure out how to fit everything in. Organization is going to be key! And speaking of key, can you remind us about the way you use the ring of keys in your ‘Keys’ drawer? I seem to remember a post about how you painted key names on them, but then …. how did you use them? Thanks as always for sharing your great ideas.

  2. Our studio is actually a church building in which services are no longer held. Other organizations and groups use the building as well, so we don’t leave our materials there; we carry them back and forth from home. I would like suggestions for organization ideas for teachers like us who have to carry our supplies with us.

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