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This is my CD collection.  It is not particularly large or impressive, but I realized that it was a shame that these CD’s are sitting around barely being used.  I have my favorite ones ripped onto my computer’s iTunes library.

20141027_144442 APPLE

I decided to get my CD’s better organized into sections by genre/type and set up a lending library for my students.  I created these dividers on my computer and printed them out on “kraft” cardstock paper (leftover from last year’s recital programs). I laminated them, too.

20141027_144546 APPLE

Then, I created some lending library forms.  They are designed to fit on a 6”x9” clipboard (not pictured, because I haven’t been able to locate mine yet since our move over the summer).  You can find mini-sized clipboards in the office supply section at your favorite store or here on Amazon (they are probably cheaper at the store).

20141113_131948 APPLE

I’m excited to see my CD library being put to good use while exposing my students to more classical music!

Want to organize your own lending library?  You can download my Microsoft Word template for the dividers and the form by visiting the Printables > Other Resources page.  Scroll down to the C’s for “CD Lending Library.”

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5 thoughts on “CD Lending Library”

  1. i used to loan out books and cds and even though i had people sign them out, there were some who claimed they returned things but didn’t. i never had established a policy ahead of time for having people replace missing or damaged items. after a few encounters that didn’t go so well, i finally stopped lending. i hope you are clearer than i was about the responsibility of the person doing the borrowing.
    now i only give people links to youtube and to our public library card online catalogue.

    1. Yes, Lynn, this is definitely a risk with any lending library. You are right that having a clear policy in place in advance is a good idea. And I will add that it is probably not a good idea to have items in the library that are irreplaceable or overly valuable. I have many inexpensive CD’s that I do not mind lending out, so I hope this will be successful!

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