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Finger Number Beanbag Game

Pinterest is wonderful, isn’t it?  🙂

While browsing Pinterest, I was inspired by this picture by the blogger Becki Lewis.  Becki’s Finger Number Beanbag Game is a simple but very effective game for young beginner piano students.


Students stand in front of the mat and drop the beanbag.  Then, they name the finger the beanbag landed closest to, and correctly identify RH or LH.  I tried this game out with my Piano Readiness Class, and they enjoyed it!  It is a quick, easy activity that effectively reviews the hands/fingers.

Becki used a marker and a piece of cardboard to draw the outline of two hands.  I designed a printable on the computer to use with my students, and Becki gave me permission to share the printable with you here: visit the Printables > Games page, and scroll down to the F’s for “Finger Number Beanbag Game.”  I laminated the two pages and taped them together, so that they fold for easy storage.  Enjoy!

  Finger Number Beanbag Game (177.7 KiB, 18,192 hits)

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4 thoughts on “Finger Number Beanbag Game”

  1. So I saw this game and thought it would be great for a few of my beginners. I have a sewing machine so I made the bean bags myself but decided to add another learning detail to the game: on the bean bags, I took fabric markers and drew pictures of a quarter note, whole note, eighth note, half note, etc so when they throw the bag, the say what finger it landed on and what kind of note is on the bean bag. Thanks for the idea!

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