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Freebie: Signs for Beginner Piano

Over the last few months, I’ve created a collection of signs to use with my Piano Readiness and Homeschool Music classes:

I use them during class when I am teaching or reviewing concepts.  They can be useful for games too.  For example, I like to have students hold up or point to the correct symbol while I improvise high/low or loud/soft music on the piano.  I printed them on cardstock and laminated them to make them more durable.

There are other ways to use these signs:  They can be printed for beginner private students to keep as a reference.  Or, they can be hung up in on the wall in your studio.

You can download the pdf by visiting the Printables > Other Resources page and scrolling down to the S’s for “Signs for Beginner Piano.”  I hope you can find some way to use these with your students!

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9 thoughts on “Freebie: Signs for Beginner Piano”

  1. Great concepts! I have taught older students and have currently some requests to teach younger children. Your games and posts have given me food for thought. Thanks!

  2. Do you sell plans for Piano Readiness classes? I’d love to learn details on these classes, and buy your plans if you have them for sale. . .

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