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Musical Olympics Camp – Lesson Plan & Materials

I have finally completed the lesson plans for the Musical Olympics Camp!  This pdf is a FREE download from the Printables > Lesson Plans page.  Let me give another thank you to Sheryl Welles for her great game ideas, and for her permission to include descriptions of those games in the lesson plan.

This pdf also includes a few new printables I created for the Musical Olympics Camp.  I decided to make some of those new printables available for download on the Printables page too, since some of them may easily be used for activities besides the camp.  Here’s a list of all the printables:

  • Musical Alphabet A-G Cards –  I printed and laminated these cards as labels for the pop cans in the Shooting Gallery Game.  (Find this page within the “Musical Olympics Camp” lesson plans.)
  • Simple Rhythm Value Cards – I printed and laminated two sets of these cards for the Water Rhythm Relay game, to label the buckets for the Rhythm Beanbag Toss game, and to make the headbands for the “What Note Am I?” ice breaker game.   (You can find this 2-page printable within the “Musical Olympics Camp” lesson plans.)
  • Piano Key Flashcards – I printed and laminated these cards for the Shooting Gallery Game and other terminology games.  (Download the “Piano Key Flashcards” from the Printables > Other Resources page, or find it within the “Musical Olympics Camp” lesson plans.)
  • Spinners – I printed and laminated some of these spinners for the Water Balloon Keyboard Toss and the Build-A-Keyboard-Interval game during camp – but they have many other uses!  Stay tuned – I will probably be adding more spinners to this pdf in the future.  (Download the “Spinners” from the Printables > Games page, or find it within the “Musical Olympics Camp” lesson plans.)

  • Musical Olympics Medal Inserts – You can download this modifiable Microsoft Word document (docx) on the Printables > Lesson Plan page.  (I’ll try to add a photo of the medals to this post later.)

Enjoy all the new stuff!

My blogging might be a little sporatic over the next couple of weeks.  I am busy working on the lesson plans for next week’s “So, You Want To Be A Composer?” camp!  🙂

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14 thoughts on “Musical Olympics Camp – Lesson Plan & Materials”

  1. I SO appreciate all the wonderful things you’re doing to promote piano!!! I have been using some of your printables for awhile. I just printed these resources for Music Camp and will be using some of them for my upcoming Camp. Thank you for making these possible for other teachers! You are very thorough and careful about your work, and I appreciate that! Thanks again!!!

  2. Noodle Relay Game – a student thought it would make it more interesting when you played it backwards that you had to walk backwards as well! Pretty good idea!

  3. Hi Joy,

    Love the spinners game idea! Did you have to buy a clock kit for the minute hand piece? My local Michaels store does not carry them individually.


  4. Hello Joy,
    I love all of your ideas and resources, thank you! I am going to copy your Musical Olympics and Blast to the Past Camp this summer. Would you mind if I put the photo at the top of this page on my blog that describes the camps? I will put a link back to your website. Let me know.

  5. Joy,
    You are a wonder! Thank you for sharing your insights, idea and experiences with us. You are so generous with all you do. I benefit Eveyln time I check in with you. Oceans of Love ,

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