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Just Added: Musical Flashcard Sorting game

This is a simple game to play with groups of students that makes note-naming flashcards a bit more interesting.   It involves sorting the flashcards onto alphabet letter signs on the floor, as pictured on the right (the “A” flashcards would go in the blank space on the right side of the page).

The game is pretty flexible, because beforehand you can sort out exactly which flashcards you want to focus on with your students.  This also allows you to control how long you wish the game to continue.

You can also use different flashcards.  With my Homeschool Music Class this week, we used my Piano Key naming flashcards (they came with the MiniMusic set I purchased earlier this year).  With my Piano Readiness Class, we’ve been doing on-staff work so we used regular staff-note-naming flashcards (I use this set from Faber & Faber, but any flashcards will do).

Another tip with this game: if you are using the note-naming flashcards, arrange the musical alphabet signs on the floor in a column, so that A is at the bottom and G is at the top.  I recommend this because this arrangement resembles the staff, where the musical alphabet progresses vertically.  If you are using piano-key-naming flashcards, I would arrange the signs on the floor horizontally, just like the keyboard.

Download the pdf of the alphabet signs and detailed gameplay instructions by visiting the Printables > Games page.  Scroll down to the M’s for “Musical Flashcard Sorting game.”

  Musical Flashcard Sorting game (1.2 MiB, 12,902 hits)

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3 thoughts on “Just Added: Musical Flashcard Sorting game”

  1. I have followed your e-mails and ideas for a while now. I am now retired from teaching elementary music, but now I am starting a piano studio. I enjoy and appreciate having other dedicated teachers out there to share with. Thank for your e-mails and ideas.
    Debbie Anderson
    Loganbille, Georgia

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Debbie, and for following ColorInMyPiano! How exciting to be starting a piano studio, and how wonderful to be able to draw from your many years of classroom teaching experience. Your students are fortunate! – Joy

  2. Hi 🙂 I am a music student still and decided to start teaching beginner piano. I currently have my first two students. One is a 6 year old girl and her little brother who is 4 years old. We had their first lesson last week. Do you think I should separate their lessons? I feel like the little girl can move and learn much quicker than her little brother. Any tips?

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