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Teacher Feature | Irina Gorin of Gorin’s Piano Studio

Hello friends,

Now that the NCKP Conference posts are all up, it’s time to return to regular posts!  Today, we have a new Teacher Feature.  Say hello to Irina!

Please tell us about your piano and/or teaching background!

I started piano lessons at the age of 5 at the Children Music School in Kiev, Ukraine. For 9 years I had 2 individual piano lessons a week (45 min. long), and once a week 45 min.classes: music theory/solfeggio, music literature, choir, piano duet, and accompaniment (in senior classes).

At the age of 15 -19 I was studying in Kiev’s music college where I got my Bachelor degree, and the next 5 years at Kharkov Conservatory, where I got my Masters Degree in piano performance, piano pedagogy, accompaniment and Chamber Orchestra.

I started teaching piano students at Music College as a part of the pedagogy course at the age of 16. Since then, teaching is my main job, even though I enjoy accompaniment.

What is your favorite thing about teaching piano?

Seeing the results of teaching, and communicating with students and their families. 

Do you have any teaching tips you’d love to share with us?

I wrote a piano method for the young beginners “Tales of a Musical Journey” to share my tips. The excerpts from my lessons can be seen at my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/pianoteaching

The Gorin’s Piano Studio website is at: http://www.gorinspianostudio.com/

Tell us about your monthly group lessons (or your summer camps, or recitals — choose one).

I teach theory group lessons once a month. I created a curriculum for 6 levels which includes ear training, composition, solfeggio, some music literature.

What is your favorite music book to use with your students?  (Could be a method series, a book of solos/duets, technique book, sightreading book, or whatever!)

For beginners, I use “Tales of a Musical Journey” method book. It includes theory, technique, ear training, sight reading exercises. It prepares students for classical repertoire.

What is your favorite music-related book?

Neihaus’ “The Art of Piano Playing.”

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Thanks, Irina!

Irina’s videos on her YouTube channel (link is above) are wonderful.Be sure to take some time to watch some of her teaching videos!   It is incredible to have the opportunity to get a peek into her lessons and watch her students’ progress.

Irina’s method book for young beginners, “Tales of a Musical Journey,” can be purchased on her website here. Be sure to also request to join her facebook group dedicated to teachers who are using her method book.

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  1. What a neat method series! I love that there are stories included in the teaching – I bet that makes for some really fun lessons with the young ones!

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