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Studio Marketing: The Studio Newsletter

You may not immediately see a connection between your studio’s monthly newsletter and marketing…but there is one, I assure you!  Marketing means promoting your studio, which includes keeping current customers of your service satisfied.  One of the keys to keeping customers satisfied is over-delivering: giving more than expected.  Newsletters are one great way to over-deliver.  And so, in continuation of our series on studio marketing, we are talking today about studio newsletters.  🙂  

Here is a list of some possible items to include in studio newsletters:

  • Announce upcoming studio events.  Newsletters are a great way to remind parents about upcoming events.
  • Report on past events.  Include photos of your latest group lesson, and include brief descriptions of the activities the students did.  This is a great way to help parents see the value of group lessons each month.
  • Talk about what you are up to.  Going to a conference soon?  Talk about what you’ve learned!  Students and parents are will enjoy hearing about how you are pursuing professional development.  After all, they are the ones to benefit from the new things you will learn!
  • Practice tips.  Include brief tips for improving practice efficiency.
  • Music quotes.  Inspire students or make them smile with some fun music quotes.
  • Articles on various topics: piano maintenance, famous composers, the value of music education, performance etiquette, etc.
  • Recognize student achievements.  This could be congratulating students for participating in competitions, or as simple as acknowledging when a student finishes a level of a method.
  • Welcome new students.  Include a brief mention of your new students and perhaps a fun fact about them.
  • Interview a student each month.  I think it’s important for students within a studio to be given opportunities to interact in order to establish a sense of camaraderie.  Providing brief, fun interviews of a student each month can help foster this.
  • Photos.  Even if you don’t happen to have photos of students to share (with permission), you can always brighten up your newsletter with a few photos of piano ivories.  🙂

What do you like to share in your studio newsletters?

Photo Credit: Publicyst Comunicaciones | CC 2.0

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9 thoughts on “Studio Marketing: The Studio Newsletter”

  1. Joy,
    Have you done any research regarding the details of acquiring parental permission to use student first names/photos on studio websites or newsletters? I’m having trouble sifting through the info I’ve found online and it’s very important to me to cover my bases. I’d love to include recital photos, student artwork or musical essays and student success stories on my website and studio newsletter.

    1. Great question! On the Student Information form I use with my students, I’ve added a section that asks for permission to post student photos, videos, etc. on the studio website, facebook page, and newsletters — using students’ first name and last initial only. I give them three options: yes, please on a case-by-case basis, and no. The student (or parent, if under age 18) must sign and date that section. This works for me!

  2. Joy, can you share the wording of the section you mention about asking permission for photos, videos, etc. I’m definitely going to update my registration form to include this right away! Thanks Joy & Laura for reminding me about asking permission.

    1. Sure, Beth! Later this week, I will share the whole Student Information Form, but for now, here’s the section that asks for permission to use photos/videos:

      Photo & Video Release
      Does the instructor have permission to feature photos and/or videos of this student (never using full last name) on the studio bulletin board, website, Facebook page, and/or promotional items?
      _ Yes.
      _ Please ask on a case-by-case basis.
      _ No.

      Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ______________

  3. Joy, what a great idea! I was actually just thinking of putting together a newsletter for my studio and went to your website to look for some music quotes (from Wednesdays words of wisdom) and voila! You have an article on putting together a studio newsletter! 🙂
    Thank you so much for your resourceful website!

    Do you do monthly newsletter for your studio? Our studio is not that big yet and we don’t have much happening (we are starting up in the new city and most of our students are very new beginners). How often do you think the newsletter should come out?
    And thank you for your note about parental photo/video release, I never thought to include that in the student form, but now I will.

    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Natalia! Yes, I do a newsletter each month. Even if your studio isn’t that large yet, I would still do a short newsletter. Since you have mostly young students, maybe you could write up a nice article about the benefits of studying music. It’s also great to list upcoming community events for kids that involve music. Good luck!

  4. Joy,

    I am SOOO happy to have found your website! It has given me many new things to consider using in my own studio! Just wondering if you could share some examples of your newsletter. I have never done a newsletter of any kind before and would like to start one (I’m thinking a quarterly newsletter) for my students.

    Thanks for everything you do!


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