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Just Added: Musical Terms Worksheet #2

Just added to the Printables > Worksheets page:

Musical Terms Worksheet #2

This worksheet is intended for elementary level students who have learned basic note values and musical terms. The first section of the worksheet, which is Fill In The Blank, reviews the 10 terms which were introduced in Musical Terms Worksheet #1. The second section, Matching, introduces seven new terms: crescendo, decrescendo, ritardando, barline, double barline, repeat sign, and time signature.

Complete list of covered in this worksheet:

  • treble clef, bass clef
  • quarter note, half note, dotted half note, whole note
  • piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte
  • crescendo, decrescendo
  • barline, double barline, repeat sign
  • ritardando

Stay tuned – more muscial terms worksheets are to come in the upcoming weeks!

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8 thoughts on “Just Added: Musical Terms Worksheet #2”

  1. I love this! I will definitely use this for review with my students!

    Is there a program you use to do the musical symbols? In my group lessons, especially, I will occasionally “quiz” the students on some of the terms and concepts to make sure they are retaining it all, since I can’t spend as much one-on-one time with them as I do my private students. But I always end up having to just draw everything out. It would sure help to be able to do it on the computer.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      I used Finale to create photo files of the musical symbols used in this worksheet (created using Microsoft Word).

      There are some free fonts that you can download online that contain musical symbols – try googling “free music symbol font.” Here is one example: Matthew Hindson free fonts. I have also heard of another font (not free) called StaffWriter that I hear is excellent.

      I have been thinking about uploading my musical symbol photo files onto my blog for others to download and use….perhaps I will try to do this in the near future!

  2. I just found this site and it is great! I will definitely use this for my classes. I have never had the opportunity to go to music school, but studied basics on my own. Now I am able to help children who are interested. This has been going very well. Joy, thank you so much for sharing.

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