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Printables updated: Student Info form, and Student Interview forms

As part of my preparation for the upcoming academic year of teaching piano, I working updating all of my studio business forms.  The following three forms have just completed renovation, and are available on the Printables page:

  • Student Information form (for all incoming students to fill out)
  • Beginner Student Interview form (to be used while interviewing beginner students)
  • Transfer Student Interview form (to be used while interviewing new non-beginner students)

Questions have been clarified, more space has been given between lines so that there is more room to write in the blanks, and the overall format has been given a makeover in order to get a cleaner look.  In addition, the wording of some questions on the forms (the Beginner Student Interview form and the Student Information form, especially) have been adjusted to better accommodate adult students who might be filling out the forms / being interviewed.

Side note: Don’t let the word “interview” scare you if you don’t already do something like this in your studio!  These forms are simply designed to help with evaluating the student’s playing level at the first lesson.  Personally, I’ve found that taking notes helps me immensely when I’m trying to decide what repertoire and method books to use with a new student, whether it’s a beginner student or not.  Give it a try!

Scroll down for a BIGGER look!

I hope you find these forms useful!

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1 thought on “Printables updated: Student Info form, and Student Interview forms”

  1. Hi! I’m having trouble viewing the student interview forms. They’re a little blurry. Anyway I could have a file of them emailed to me? Thanks!

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