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Free Studio Website Builder:

Have you thought about starting a website for your studio, but felt that you didn’t have the resources or expertise to build one?  Check out — an attractive and easy-to-use online resource where you can create a website for free.

Personally, I currently use iWeb software (comes free on all Mac computers) to create and maintain my studio site.  However, Weebly sites are so attractive, I might make the switch someday!  I switched, and now I use Weebly for my studio website!

Some great features:

  • Extremely user-friendly. The drag-and-drop site builder is extremely easy to use, even for those who might not consider themselves to be very technologically savvy.
  • No software is needed. That means, no buying or installing software onto your computer.  Creating and maintaining your website is done completely online.
  • You can use a free domain name, or use your own domain name. Weebly is one of the few free website building sites that allow you use your own url (e.g., if you desire.  Just purchase one from a site such as (a year usually costs around $10).  If you don’t want to use your own domain name, for free you can just use
  • Attractive themes. Of all the free website building sites I’ve seen, Weebly by far creates the most attractive-looking sites.  They have tons of great customizable themes to choose from.

Here are some links to some studio websites that were created using Weebly, to get you inspired:

Good luck!  If you are successful in creating your own studio site using Weebly, be sure to share the link with us in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Free Studio Website Builder:”

    1. You can find the iWeb software in the Applications folder on any mac. Take a look – they have some cool templates! I really liked using iWeb, but I actually like Weebly a teeny bit better (that’s what I’m using now). They are both excellent though – just depends on what you are looking for!

  1. I have a weebly site and it is so easy to use.

    Here is my site:

    I paid $50 to own my own domain so that I do not have weebly in my site address.

    I actually have a giveaway on my site that your readers might me interested in. It is for a children’s book that helps introduce them to music.

    My friend is the illustrator. The book is called “The Clefs Meet the Bug Band”.

    Here is the link for the giveaway:

    Home Ec @ Home

  2. Thank you for giving me this, I do need it for recoding my songs at home. I don t have website

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