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A Peek into the Incentive Program Prize Box

Here’s a peek into the prize box I use for my incentive program.  In case you haven’t read about my incentive program before, here’s the lowdown:  I create an index card for each student, and when they pass a song, they are given a point/sticker for every page of the song learned.  They can also earn points/stickers for doing theory worksheets, memorizing their pieces, etc.  When they earn 25 points/stickers on their index card, they are allowed to choose a prize from the prize box.

I recently restocked the prize box with some cute new items.  Take a look!

The purple prize box.

It’s decorated with some cute music stickers!

I found the above craft projects at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Gifts for $1 each.

I found the little pens and the colorful rings were in the party favor section at Wal-Mart.

The hair clips are from the local dollar store…

…and so are the various notepads, erasers, and pencil sharpeners.

And so there’s a little peek into the prize box!  My students LOVE digging through the box to find a treasure.  =)

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18 thoughts on “A Peek into the Incentive Program Prize Box”

  1. I picked up a few of the multi-colored pens for my last prize box too. They were a popular item for the students and I have liked using the leftovers when I write their lesson assignments. I find it handy to write comments on the previous weeks assignments while choosing a new color for the new week without having to change pens.
    .-= Heidi N´s last blog ..Studio Organization with Stickers =-.

  2. Hi Joy!
    I love your website! It is so well organized and colorful as well! I have my Masters in Piano and have been teaching for 21 years. I am always happy to see other teachers have websites and share their love of the piano! Thanks for being willing to help teachers with insightful new ideas!

  3. It’s stuff like this that makes teachers so great. Incentives are a great way to help students reach their goals.

  4. I love the idea. I am going to try this! Some of students just do not practice at all. It’s been hard for me, but I am going to try your idea and see if it works! Thanks a bunch!!!

  5. Great ideas Joy!
    Do you have any male students? What would some “prizes” be for them? I have a few boy students ages 4-13 and they don’t seem to be too interested in cute stickers and pens and pencils. I had some candy in my reward box, which some of them seemed to like. But then my husband pointed out that it might not be such a good idea and parents my not appreciate sugar-high kids 🙂
    I have some toy cars for younger ones. But what would be a cool and desirable reward for 8-13 year-old boy? When I asked one of them, he told me they like Pokemon/Hockey collectible cards, when I went to check them out they are over $5 a pack, way too much :)))
    Any ideas? 🙂

    1. I keep my box stocked with plenty of matchbox cars. I also have a few of those pens that can write in different colored inks. I would visit party favor section in WalMart/Meijer and see what you can find. Maybe you could try asking your boy students what they would like to see in the box too! Also, I used to live near a locally-owned dollar store that was willing to make $1 gift certificates which I gave to my older students. They could then visit the dollar store and pick out whatever they wanted.

    2. As an update, I recently re-stocked my prize box with some more “boyish” items. At the dollar store near the party favor section, I found mini squirt guns, working compasses, and rubber bouncy balls. 🙂

      1. Hi Joy, Thanks for your great inspiring ideas over the years. I had little competition with my students recently to compose their own scary Halloween tune. I rewarded with musically themed stationery, pencils pens etc and was lucky to find little piano ornamental trophies in a Euro/Pound shop. I also bought few treble Clef Christmas tree ornaments which can double up as little trophies, all inexpensive.
        I hope to do the same at Christmas.
        Thanks again for your great ideas and supports

        Toni ( Ireland).

        1. What a nice idea! I love that you held a little competition for composing a Halloween tune. And thanks for sharing about what sort of prizes you were able to find! Best wishes to you.

  6. Hi Joy, thank you for showing this. Do you mind to take picture of the index card you used for our student? I’m thinking to start this incentives program next year.

  7. I have been teaching for children about 1,5 years and i often found difficulty to teach my little kids. your ideas was very helpful. i can get a lot of new things in here. thank you so much, Joy!!!

  8. Hi Joy! With my younger students I award stickers to pages and activities they pass. Like the items for the boys I don’t know if they don’t care for the stickers or just don’t get into them. I was thinking something similar to the treasure chest would be something fun to add.and when I told the students I was thinking of this it got good feedback as it reminded them of something they have in their classrooms. I like to keep if fresh but I don’t want to be like the teacher you had who keeps on changing the plan. lol Thanks so much for your help!

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