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My recent find

Just thought I’d show off my recent find – I was at a outlet store a couple of weeks ago, and I found these laminated boards for students to draw music symbols using a dry erase marker.  One side has the symbols pictured….

…and the other side is blank, so the students can draw the symbols themselves using dry erase markers.

They wipe off easily, and can be used over and over again.  I bought 6 of them.  I plan to use them in group lessons down the road.  I think I can probably make a game out of it – perhaps timing the students for speed, or seeing who can draw the most beautiful treble clef, etc.

I found these for a very good price at a local outlet store.  Isn’t it exciting to find when you find a good deal?  Especially when you aren’t expecting it! =)

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4 thoughts on “My recent find”

      1. I clicked on the link you provided – the, and it took me to a listing of close to 500 stores – but I had no idea which one has the music symbol boards. Do you remember? Been looking and looking online, but my computer is SLOW. Thank you! Would love to get a set of these for my students.

        1. Strange — the link doesn’t look the same as it did when I originally posted it. Here’s the information on board itself, for you or anyone else who is looking for it:

          “Write A Mat” by The Straight Edge, Inc.

          This company makes a number of different “Write A Mats”, so you have to look for the one called 5010 Music Symbols. It appears that this company doesn’t actually sell this product from their website; you have to find someone else who carries it, or request a catalogue. I tried doing a Google Shopping search, and checked, but it doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere else that I can find.
          Perhaps stores that sell teaching supplies would carry it. Your best bet is probably to request a catalogue on their website.

          Good luck! I hope this helps!!

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