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New Worksheet: Intervals (unison-5th)

Do you find yourself telling students how much easier it would be if they learned to recognize intervals on sight when they are sight-reading?  Here are two new free, printable worksheets, designed to help students who have difficulty distinguishing between different intervals on the staff.  The first one is for younger students who have just begun reading staff notation.  It teaches and quizzes the difference between unisons, 2nds, and 3rds.  The second worksheet is a little bit harder, adding 4ths and 5ths into the mix.  Enjoy!

  • Worksheet: Intervals Unison through 5th

This worksheet is designed to teach/quiz the student in identifying the intervals unison through 5th, in both treble and bass clefs.  The top line gives an example of each type of interval, and the rest of the page is dedicated to quizzing the student on identifying the interval.

To download, visit the Printables > Worksheets page and scroll down to the I’s for “Intervals Unison through 5th worksheet.”

  Intervals Unison-5th Worksheet (40.6 KiB, 19,725 hits)

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6 thoughts on “New Worksheet: Intervals (unison-5th)”

  1. I am an adult learner…. I can play notes on sight in clef or in treble, but reading both at the same time and playing them is hard for me. I am studying intervals not the degree – I know that, but to play the interval on sight, just like I play the single notes in either staff.
    I love this … but i need so much more of this type of practice sheets….any thoughts??

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your website…you really help me in my Music class here in our school.Lila Central Elem. School.Lila,Bohol,Philippines…

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