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Online Group Keyboard Supplement

Check out this link…   It’s a site meant to help supplement group keyboard classes (most likely college-level, but not necessarily so).  You have to pay in order to get an account, but anyone can at the sample lessons for free.  Once you pay for the service, the students taking your class can log in […]

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Here’s a link for you……   This interactive site offers music theory tutorials, ear trainers, and other misc resources in a clear, helpful manner.  I found this site extremely helpful when I was taking 4 semesters of Aural Comprehension during my Freshman and Sophomore years.  I’d recommend it to anyone wishing to increase their ear […]

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Famous piano students

Found this on the homepage of the Faber Piano Adventures website (sorry, it’s no longer there now). Guess who’s using Piano Adventures to study piano! This picture was originally appeared in Hello Magazine in Canada and Star Magazine in the U.S.  :) I’m a huge fan of the Piano Adventures series.  The pieces in their books […]

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Making Time for Improvisation

In piano lessions today, improvisation is often a subject that often “goes out the window” because it is deemed to be less important or secondary to other skills. It had not always been this way; improvisation used to be a expected skill for any accomplished keyboardist during the Baroque through Romantic eras. Interestingly enough, it […]

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Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

“Show me the home where music dwells and I shall show you a happy, peaceful and contented home.” – Longfellow Every Wednesday brings Words of Wisdom here at the Color in my Piano blog…in the form of a musical quote or joke, intended to bring inspiration or humor to the middle of your week.   […]

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Reflections upon Interpretation

Yesterday at a piano lesson, my student kept saying how she wasn’t sure “what to do in this section.” Although I wasn’t completely sure what she was feeling, I think she was saying that she sometimes wonders how she can make decisions about how to play a particular piece / passage musically. We were working […]

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Benefits of Holding a Piano Studio Recital

Recitals are an important part of having a piano studio.  Performing is a important skill for any pianist.  Despite the hard work involved, in the long run, the students find it a rewarding activity. Benefits of having a recital include: Parents enjoy hearing the progress their student(s) are making under your instruction.  Grandparents and parents […]

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Incentive Programs for Piano Students

Do you use an incentive program in your piano studio?  Incentive programs can be a useful way to motivate and encourage students to be diligent and productive with their practicing. More importantly, an incentive program can help emphasize the behaviors or goals the teacher expects from the student. Below is information about how I designed an ongoing incentive […]

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