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Online Group Keyboard Supplement

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Check out this link…   It’s a site meant to help supplement group keyboard classes (most likely college-level, but not necessarily so).  You have to pay in order to get an account, but anyone can at the sample lessons for free.  Once you pay for the service, the students taking your class can log in to view lessons, watch videos, use interactive flashcards, and even print pdfs of assignments, lessons, or music scores to play.

The videos focus on topics such as how to properly execute a two-note slur.  I was impressed!  I mean, after all, it’s difficult to find to address technical aspects such as that when you have only three 45-minute classes of 15+ students each week.

Is this the direction that group keyboard classes are going?  It’s interesting to think about the future of group keyboard classes, such as those for music majors/minors in college.  As technology advances, teachers may be able to turn to the internet for supplemental, multimedia materials for their music classes.  I can certainly see the advantages, based on the sample lessons provided on this site.  What do you think?

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