2011 MTNA Conference | Connecting With Your Piano Technician

TUESDAY @ 11am: Connecting With Your Piano Technician

This session was given by Clarence Zeches, a RPT (Registered Piano Technician) from Kansas City.

Piano technicians must undergo rigorous testing before they can become RPTs.  Zeches discussed some advantages of connecting with a RPT in your area.  Here are a few:

  • Getting your piano tuned the recommended two times a year.  The more regularly you have your instrument tuned, the longer it is likely it stay in tune between tunings.
  • Recommend your trusted RPT to your students to have their pianos tuned and to ensure they have quality instruments.
  • When looking to upgrade your piano, you can pay to have a RPT look at a piano for you (if you are shopping on Craigslist, by newspaper ads, etc.). It generally costs $25-100 for this service, depending on the technician and the number of miles to travel.

Visit to find a RPT near you and to download a flyer about caring for your piano.