Eras of Music History Kit

The Eras of Music History Kit has been designed to make it easier to incorporate more music history into our students’ musical education.  This kit contains a series of pdfs designed to help students gain a better understanding of the music from the main four eras of Western music history: the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras.

The four “era booklets” are the core component of this resource.  Each booklet discusses the stylistic characteristics of the music, the evolution of the piano, and the popular forms composers used.  The back of the booklet features a list of major composers and a list of important works from the era.  The information has been carefully researched and written in a concise, clear way intended for students age 7+.

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This kit also contains a pdf for creating a composer timeline.


Here is a full list of what this kit includes:

  • Four pdf’s of the era booklets (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern).
  • Four pdf’s of the worksheets that correspond to the booklets.
  • A single-page pdf containing a handout with a brief overview of the four eras.
  • A single-page pdf of the historical context timeline.
  • A multi-page pdf for assembling a composer timeline to hang on the wall.
  • The license to be able to print from the pdf’s as much as desired throughout your teaching career, as long as you are using the printed materials with your own students.

The resources within this kit are suitable for all kinds of settings:

  • Monthly group classes for your private students.
  • Music appreciation courses for homeschooling students.
  • Music history camps (see this blog post for more information).
  • At-home assignments for private piano students.

Stay tuned — in the future I plan to make available an additional set of booklets including the Renaissance Era and the Impressionistic Era.

Instructions:  After purchase, you will receive an email with links to download the “.zip” file.  Your computer will likely put the file into a folder called “Downloads,” but you will want to save the file to another location on your computer’s hard drive where you can easily find it again — so you can print from it for years to come.  When you double-click the “.zip” file, your computer will uncompress the file into a folder containing a series of pdfs.  The folder contains everything you need, beginning with the pdf of teacher tips, followed by the era booklets/worksheets, and then finally the history timeline pdf.

Questions?  Read the Terms of Use here.

P.S. — As you might have guessed, this kit works great alongside a Great Composer & Their Music composer lapbook study.  :)