Follow-up Review & Giveaway: Wendy Chan’s Teaching Resources from

About a year ago (August 2020), I wrote a review and giveaway post about Wendy Chan’s wonderful Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase board and a few other of her wonderful teaching resources. Well, today, I’m happy to share an update about her materials and offer a GIVEAWAY (keep reading)!

Wendy’s Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board has been such a great resource in my teaching over the past year. I keep it within arm’s reach when I teach and find myself using it on a near-daily basis in my lessons, both online and in-person.

During her most recent restock, Wendy made a couple of improvements to her whiteboard and she generously mailed me one to review.

In the updated version, Wendy increased the thickness of both the magnet and the foam for the circle “note” magnets. In the picture below, you can see the comparison of the previous magnets compared to the new ones.

The new magnets stick well to the board and are a little bit easier to pick up. I love that Wendy is always interested in feedback and improving her products!

Learn more about Wendy’s Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board by reading my previous review here or visiting Wendy’s website here.

Before I talk about the giveaway, I wanted to briefly mention that Wendy released a brand new product earlier this year: Rhythm Stories Music Rhythm Stick Notation Magnets. It’s a set of 38 rhythm stick notation magnetic cutouts, including dots and numbers to build 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures. These durable foam magnets can stick to any steel/magnetic board and be used for a variety of rhythmic activities including rhythm dictation, composing activities, rhythm clapping, games, and more. In particular, Wendy says the rhythm/rest values introduced in “Rhythm Story” activities for all levels of the Music For Young Children (MYC) program. Learn more here.

Wendy is running a special sale for my readers. If you’d like to order any items from her shoppe, use the promo code CIMP15 for 15% off all orders. Or, use CIMP20 for 20% off for orders of $75 or more. All orders above $49 will ship free within US and Canada. This sale ends August 31, 2021. Be sure to visit Wendy’s shoppe here to check these items out for yourself!


And now it’s time for the giveaway! Wendy has generously offered to give away TWO products from the Music Escapades Shoppe for readers residing in the US and Canada! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post before August 9, 2021 at midnight (Eastern time) sharing what you love about Wendy’s resources and why.

Two winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email the day following the giveaway. Good luck, and I look forward to reading your comments!

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121 thoughts on “Follow-up Review & Giveaway: Wendy Chan’s Teaching Resources from”

    1. What a great idea. I have separate items, white board and a magnet board beside my piano. I love that it’s put together. Thank you.

    2. I don’t have any of Wendy’s items yet, but a fellow piano teacher at our studio uses this board and I love seeing how excited her students get when she pulls it out to use. So good for little fingers and adults alike!!

    3. Wendy’s resources really serve the tactile & visual learner in so many significant, smart ways. Brava!!!

    4. I love this magnetic staff because it includes ledger lines! Huge improvement over others I’ve seen in the past. Thanks for these wonderful products, Wendy!

    5. I have never used Wendy’s products but they look wonderful! Really great for working with younger students. I also have sibling that come together for lessons. I think it would be great to have these gems out for one student to play with while the other has their lesson!

  1. I love the magnetic dry erase board! I have something similar that I use but it does not have flats and sharps, so I really like that about this one!

  2. This is great! I haven’t used anything like this with my students so it would definitely up my teaching game. 🙂 Thanks for your work on these products, Wendy. And for sharing, Joy. I’ve been following you for years and love your creativity.

  3. This magnetic board will be a great addition tool in my studio. What I like about Wendy’s bord is it comes with a different circle magnets (not just plain black and white). I also love that it covers all notes from low C to high C and so many different rhythm choices! My students and I will be so thrilled to have it!

    1. This looks like a great resource! I usualy use paper handouts but would prefer to use a reusable “work sheet” like this that is so versatile. Thanks for the sale info and all the other tips you share, Joy!

  4. Thanks for the great idea. I’m thinking this could be handy for teaching my kids choir to understand how harmonies are written on a staff., but so many great uses!

  5. So helpful for all students, from beginner to advanced, I can really see this helping with piano ‘geography’! Loving the colourful magnets, too!

  6. This is so awesome! I love that you and Wendy are doing a collab on this! Thank you for sharing and thank you for always bringing new ideas our way.

  7. I love the color options! It’s helpful for students to differentiate between chords (I & V, for example), by noticing a color difference first. I like to use color when analyzing music, so this is a great reinforcer!

  8. I love Wendy’s magnetic rhythm train to teach my students building rhythm with. Would love to have her magnetic white board to add to my teaching tools!!

  9. This is an awesome idea. I love artsy ideas that make the study of sound cute and palatable for anyone of any age. I would love a giveaway!!!! Please!!!

  10. I love this magnetic board! It has everything you could need, all in one place. I have several separate boards that I use for similar things but I’m always wishing they were all together in one place. I’d love to add this to my teaching aids!

  11. These look awesome! I’m definitely getting some of these. I love the magnetic idea so easy for kids to use instead of writing.

  12. I haven’t used these resources yet, but they look great and would fit it well with what I do with my students!

  13. They look cool! I have a dry erase board but it’ll be nice to have the magnets to go with it.

  14. I am a huge fan of whiteboards and jump at the chance to pull one out in a piano lesson. My students are always so engaged with hands on activities, and I think that Wendy has created something truly exciting! I would love to have these in my studio!

  15. I have the Grand Staff Dry Erase Magnetic Board and I love it. Students love to line the magnets up on the keyboard at the top and then zoom them down to their place on the staff. I also use it in advanced theory classes to show the construction of chords and intervals.

  16. I really liked this when I saw it, so much that I decided to build a much simpler version, even though I’m not a DIY guy.

    I was considering purchasing one or two of these, but the shipping from Canada to the USA was cost-prohibitive.

  17. I would love to win this! I teach a lot of young, beginner piano students, and I love having resources like this to keep them engaged!

  18. Hello. I’m new to Wendy and her lovely resources. I am most interested in the Music Stories Rhythm Sticks. Just yesterday I needed a quick rhythm game for a beginner student. I was at a loss, not having anything that I could grab quickly. This set would have been perfect as I always keep my little white board handy. I could’ve played a game without wasting any time finding the supplies. I’m definitely going to check out her site! Thanks!

  19. Hello! This is a great way to introduce and promote Wendy’s products! I am looking forward to my first purchases! I would love to be able to afford to get TWO Grand Staff White Boards – maybe I will get lucky and win!!

  20. Thanks for sharing! This looks like a very useful, multitasking resource to have! I would like it to practice building chords. Your blog is very good 🙂

  21. I don’t currently have any of these resources, but I hope to in the future. Some of them are very unique, and they are fun and colorful to draw students into the concept being practiced or taught.

  22. Wendy’s resources not only look kid-friendly, the quality seems very durable. I love that so many things are magnets because little pieces can get lost so easily and by being magnetic, they have a better chance of not getting lost. Yay!

  23. I love that both of these aides are magnetic and colorful. Not too big for smaller hands, and easy to transport.

  24. I haven’t used any of Wendy’s products yet, but these sound positively brilliant! Thank you for sharing, and now I need to go see what other useful products she has!!

  25. I would be so excited to win these products! Looks like very valuable resources for lessons.

  26. The magnetic board is brilliant! I am grateful for the cleverness that went into a product that makes teaching fun and easy.

  27. Wow I love this. This would up my teaching game.
    . Your products look amazing. I would be excited to win these products.

  28. I have not used any of these products yet, but this board looks so versatile and a great tool for all ages!

  29. I have two separate white boards for keyboard and staff, but would love a resource that combines them into one! I also like the tactile element of the magnets. Thanks for recommending great resources!

  30. An all-in-one teaching resource! What a great idea to help make music notation and reading easier for students of any age! I appreciate so many good ideas, Joy, and am especially enjoying hearing about your music play with Aria who is one month younger than our granddaughter. Count me in for the giveaway!

    1. So glad you’ve been enjoying hearing about Aria and our music escapades, Peggy! I’m sure you’re having fun with that granddaughter of yours!!

  31. I’m definitely going to get this! I already have a dry erase board, but The magnetics would be a great help for me.

  32. What a great teaching tool! I have a homemade one, but it’s size is not great. I would love to have board in my studio! Love the ledger lines are included!

  33. What a great idea! I love that it is small and compact and can be easily transported for “off the bench” activities as well. The magnet tools look great for little fingers! I love the “staff to keyboard” connection for little ones. I am looking forward to adding this to my teaching.

  34. I have a similar staff whiteboard that I bought recently, and it is awesome to use with my students, especially the ones still doing virtual lessons. I am very interested in Wendy’s rhythm package, as I have been looking for something just like this to use.

  35. This magnetic dry erase board has been a Huge help in online teaching this past year, and I will continue to use it after going back to in-person lessons. It is a very comfortable size even for younger children.

    Previously I had to flip back and forth between a regular dry erase board and a magnetic board. It is so much easier with this all-in-one!

    On a different topic, I greatly enjoyed your presentation at NCKP2021.
    Great job!!

  36. This looks like a wonderful tool! I remember using a magnetic wand And some round discs with my teacher when I was 8. This looks just as fun with more options.

  37. I just came across Wendy’s site and discovered this amazing tool! My mind is swimming with possibilities of reinforcing so many things during lessons. Thanks for your review and chance to win. Those colorful magnets would make any piano studio a happy place to be!

  38. This would be an awesome “hands on” approach for my students, especially ones who are learning the Primary Chords right now…but it could be so useful for a WHOLE LOT of other things! Would love to have this in my studio.

  39. Great tools for teaching! I especially like the set of accidentals included with the colorful set of magnets. The Circle of Fifths and Rhythm Sets are also wonderful! Would love to have all in my studio!

  40. I like that the magnetic board is hands on. It helps students who need that method of learning through touching and interacting. It can be used in so many different ways. I also love that isn’t just black and white.

  41. I had not seen the Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board before. It looks like something I need to get for my studio!

  42. I am returning to piano teaching after a 2nd career as a school teacher. I need resources for interactive activities and Wendy’s Grand Staff would be wonderful to use with my beginners! Actually, all of her ideas look amazing!

  43. How do I not know about the resources?! I’m excited to explore them and decide what to add to my studio resources. Thanks for sharing them with your readers, Joy!

  44. More hands-on material is my goal this year. I’m seeing a big interest in activities that don’t necessarily use an iPad or computer. Who would have thought?

  45. I love the idea of notation magnets! It seems faster and neater than handwritten notation if you’re working out tricky rhythms or introducing time signatures or whatever! My students would have a blast using them. Also, I’m excited that the whiteboard magnets are thicker–a little detail that makes a big difference! I’ve been thinking about purchasing these for a while, and now I am more tempted than ever! (Thanks for sharing these with us, Joy!)

  46. I have a whiteboard I just end up drawing lines on, so this would be helpful! I have not used any of her resources before.

  47. I have been really thinking about getting this for studio, it seems like a fantastic teaching resource!! I would LOVE to win this!!

  48. I was unfamiliar with Wendy Chan until seeing your reviews. I would love to be able to use the Grand Staff Magnetic Dry Erase board — it would be great for practicing the “Skips Alphabet” from Piano Safari!

  49. I have something similar to Wendy’s dry-erase board but this is definitely a far better design. I would love to try it out with my students!!

  50. I haven’t tried these products yet but I am very intrigued. When I first started teaching online I tried screen sharing everything, but soon figured it was easier and faster to just hold up a picture or manipulative. Something like this would be very useful!

  51. Super cute! I used something similar when I was a child, except all the magnetic notes were black. Love the pop of color and also you can use a whiteboard marker. Brilliant.

  52. Great resources! More clear and less scribbly than what I sketch out on my blank whiteboard during lessons.

  53. These boards look so perfect for studio use. I like the bright colors of the magnetic notes. Such a perf3ct teaching tool.

  54. Brilliant! Love the colors. I can’t wait to put my hands on this. It’s especially going to be a great help for my still ongoing online piano lessons. thanks for designing this!

  55. What great looking products for both online and in person teaching of little and older students! They both are so colourful, look wonderfully designed and will make learning more exciting.and visual for my students especially the magnetic grand staff erasable board. I’ll still be online this fall and would love to included in this draw. Thank you, Wendy and Joy, for supporting teachers.

  56. I would use this Grand Staff and Keyboard magnetic board all the time in lessons! Scales, key signature, teaching accidentals, drawing chords, composing, illustrating so many theory concepts. The size of the staff looks perfect for on line teaching and in person as well. An “all in one” approach to music theory! I love the fact that the staff includes two ledger lines above and below the staff!!! Plus–it’s magnetic with really nice note magnets!

  57. This would be a great addition to any studio. Great idea to combine dry erase and magnetic in the same place. Saves time and space.

  58. This looks like it would be fantastic for guiding students both virtually and in person. I’ve tried to make my own, but this is laid out so well.

  59. The magnetic board is an excellent resource to have for your studio. Whether you teach online and hold the staff up to the camera for note review or use the board in group lessons. Having the magnet component and dry erase option is so helpful. It makes teaching theory efficient and the colours of the magnets help identify anchor notes. A great teaching tool to have in your studio

  60. Oh this does look like a great product, I’ve tried putting together my own version, but it’s not magnetic (that would help a lot!) and my circles are always too big… Thank you for the review and the generous giveaway!!

  61. What a fantastic resource! I love the range of notes and that includes both a keyboard as well as the grand staff.

  62. I’m always searching for the next best resources for my students and these tools look perfect! I love interactive manipulative like these because they appeal to different learning modalities and help create lasting connections in our students’ minds.

  63. Ooo this looks amazing! I’m always looking for new ways to make chords fun to notate & practice. This magnetic dry erase board looks so cool! I’ve never tried these products yet!

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