5 Reasons To Perform Alongside Your Students at Studio Recitals

Here’s a few reasons why I perform alongside my students at our studio recitals.

1: It creates an opportunity for my students to hear me play. They shouldn’t be surprised that, yes, their piano teacher can perform and play quite nicely! 😉

2: It gives me a goal to practice towards. This is good for me! It makes me practice. 

3: By putting myself through the same performance situation as my students, I stay in touch with what it feels like for my students. Empathy helps me be a better teacher as my students go through the recital preparation process.

4: It creates an opportunity for me to be a good model for my students, in terms of conducting myself onstage, playing well, etc.

5: It’s fun to pick out and perform a special piece to show my students.

I’m curious: Do YOU perform alongside your students at studio recitals?

Edit: Here’s some fun ideas: What To Play at Your Students’ Recitals.

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15 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Perform Alongside Your Students at Studio Recitals”

  1. I used to perform at recitals, but my recitals have become too long to do that anymore (even though I divide my studio and do 2 recitals). I do, however, play a duet or duo with my advanced students, especially my seniors. I had 2 seniors this year.

  2. I am doing a duet with each of my students except for my more advanced students. They are doing a duet with each other. I think playing with my students is a good learning experience for them. They are forced to keep the music going and can get a great understanding of making the music come alive, using all of our musical tools.

  3. I’m a student teacher at my mom’s studio. I teach the little ones (preschool and early elementary) but since I also take lessons I’ve always played at recitals. My mom usually doesn’t, but by popular demand this year she is! to make it more exiting we had our students vote between 4 songs for her to play, but we didn’t tell them the results, so it will be a surprise for them at the recital!

    1. Kendall, every part of this is SO FUN! How neat that your students requested it your mom play, that they got to vote on which piece she will learn, and that you are surprising them with which piece won!

  4. I cannot think of a down side to a teacher playing in their own studio recital. I’ve heard some say that it takes the spotlight away from students, but this line of reasoning is always promoted by teachers, not by students and parents. I think we all crave to see our mentors in action, whether it’s piano, chess, tennis or karate, and the more students are exposed to high-quality, professional playing, the better!

    1. I suppose it’s possible certain parents could feel that the teacher is using the studio recital is a platform for “showing off”. If this is a real concern in a teacher’s mind, I think they can be mindful of how they present themselves at the recital or they can always just choose something short and not overly showy or virtuosic to play. However, there is only so much you can do when it’s a matter of perception — which the teacher can’t necessarily control. (And do we really know if it’s even true if the majority of our students see it as a show-off?) However, even if the teacher IS viewing the studio recital as an opportunity to show off, I think the pros still outweigh the cons. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Chad!

  5. I prefer to showcase my students at recitals, not myself. I find that most parents and students want the recital to be over as quickly as possible. 🙂 I do play duets with the younger students. I would like to start playing pieces for students at group lessons, however, to demonstrate skills and show them cool music.

  6. I play duets with some students. some want to play solo! I also accompany some singers. First time performing was last Christmas recital, I sang my original song, “Christmas Together”! (and got a sale!)

  7. This might be quite motivating for your students as well. Sounds fun and interesting. I have started by piano lessons and looking forward to my first performance.

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