Words of Wisdom

Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

“When taught to understand music, students learn music.”

–Edwin E. Gordon

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom”

  1. Hi! thanks for the welcome. I am not a music teacher, hope I don’t have to be one to subscribe. I am JUST beginning piano lessons at the young age of 71….arthritic fingers and all! Both my brain AND fingers need the exercise. Am MUCH slower at most things than I was but, no matter, I’m determined to give it my best shot. As an ex Special Needs Teacher I SO value teaching/learning anything new in small, logical and incremental steps so I just loved what I saw on your site. It will be so very useful for my practising as well as very interesting. Thank you VERY much! Regards Margaret

    1. I’m also following Joy’s posts as a non-teacher and like you a mature student! Yes it is still good to learn and keep the body, mind and spirit active and positive. Joy’s blog opens up a different view of learning and understanding music.

    2. Thanks for reading, Margaret! I’m glad we can share our love of teaching and learning, and that you’ve found some useful information here on my blog! Best wishes to you with your piano study!

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