2016 Studio Recital

My studio recital this year was held in March, but I’m blogging about it today! I have lots of pictures to share.

In this photo, I’m welcoming the audience to our 2016 Studio Recital.

20160320 Recital 2 wm

Our venue this year was the historic Pemberville Opera House. It is so beautiful inside, and they have a wonderful piano.

20160320 Recital 5 wm

I kicked things off by playing an arrangement of Moon River.

20160320 Recital 10 wm

Did you notice the projector screen in that last photo?

20160320 Recital 101 Emma S wm

The venue allowed me to use their projector system, so I was able to do something I’ve always wanted to do for a studio recital: show student artwork with each piece being performed.

20160320 Recital 70 Liz T wm

During the weeks prior to the recital, I collected student artwork to accompany their recital pieces.

20160320 Recital 76 Megan O wm copy

I scanned all of the artwork and then inserted the images into a Powerpoint slideshow. 

20160320 Recital 41 Katie A wm

This project opened many doors for discussions during lessons about how to go about expressing a particular mood or subject through our playing.

20160320 Recital 92 Jacob M wm copy


After the recital, I received feedback from a number of audience members about how enjoyable it was to have the visual component of the artwork during the recital.

20160320 Recital 31 Jimmy L wm

It’s something I definitely plan to do again next year!

20160320 Recital 98 Bella N wm

We had a couple of duets on the program…

20160320 Recital 48 Ariana A wm

Everyone did such a nice job.

20160320 Recital 88 Shambhavi B wm

I’m so proud of each and every one of my students.

20160320 Recital 18 Ellery wm

We had a great recital.

20160320 Recital 83 Tess C wm

Here, I’m making closing remarks.

20160320 Recital 105 wm

As is our tradition, I presented each student with a recital rose afterwards.

20160320 Recital 109 group shot sm

I really love this group photo.

20160320 Recital 111 group shot above - square crop sm wm

Here’s hoping that your studio recital this year goes/went fabulously!

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17 thoughts on “2016 Studio Recital”

  1. This is wonderful, Joy! What a beautiful setting and I love the artwork idea. You inspired me to host my first studio recital years ago and it’s become one of my favorite days of the year. Thank you!

  2. What a great idea to use the student’s artwork. I love it. I also think it is really great that you give them a rose at the end of the recital. You are making special memories for your students and their families.

  3. Such a warm, lovely venue! I do love the idea of artwork and aside from just hanging their art up before each of their performances, which would take extra time, I don’t know any other way to do this except for using a projector as you did. Either way, it does really add to the performance…for the audience and preparation of the student both.

  4. Beautiful, Joy! The artwork is wonderful idea! Would love to hear some selections… especially your rendition of Moon River, it’s one of my all-time favorite melodies!
    Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to those of us who’ve been teaching a long time (still young-at-heart!).

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I, too, for the first time used a powerpoint presentation on a screen showing animals representing their piece. Our theme was “Creatures Great and Small.” We discussed pictures we found off the internet that portray the mood, etc. Students also submitted original art that we used to decorate the entry wall to the recital hall. I didn’t get as much participation on that as I would have liked.but your idea to put their original art work on the screen is wonderful!!

  6. Hermoso trabajo, una siembra que a su tiempo se aprecia muy buenos resultados, bendiciones para usted.

  7. Wow! I love how the students get to see how one work of art can inform the other. What a great concept!

  8. Really effective idea with the art work projected behind the piano. Looks like the recital was a huge success! Congratulations

  9. Thank you for sharing your pictures and comments, Joy! Very inspiring! I was wondering if your students sit with parents until it is their turn to play? I usually have them all seated together in the first few rows, but I’m wondering if they feel more relaxed if they sit with their families. What are your thoughts?
    Thank you!

  10. Wonderful post! I used your “recital rose” idea at my own studio recital a couple of weeks age, and was very pleased with it. It’s a simple, beautiful idea, and it made the group photos turn out great! 🙂

  11. Joy, The roses for your students reminds me of the recital with my students the day before Mother’s Day when my students presented their mothers with a.roses after they played their piece. It was sweet and touching for parents and students. Keep up your good work and fresh ideas.

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