How To Organize Your Music Library

001Yesterday, I created my first live broadcast video for the blog. A big thank you to those who watched the broadcast live within Periscope (for iOS or Android) — I appreciate your support! There are a few technology kinks I need to get used to; nevertheless, I had a blast! 🙂

Below, you can watch the video recording of our conversation. We talked about organizing your music library.

I’m curious: is your music library organized in sections similar to mine, or differently? I’d love to see photos of YOUR music library posted on the ColorInMyPiano Facebook page!

Do you have ideas about what we can talk about in future videos? Please submit your ideas here!

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4 thoughts on “How To Organize Your Music Library”

  1. Sorry I missed your live scope! I realized that I’m going to miss them when they are live because your time is when I’m at my Zumba class. 🙁 At least I’ll be able to watch the replays… You did great! Isn’t it a totally different feeling? I’ve only done it twice so far and it was nerve racking both times! Ha! Ha! I need to do some more though…

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement! Yes, I was nervous, but it was fun at the same time. I agree, you need to do more Periscopes!! 😉

  2. I just watched your replay of your broadcast. You did great! So glad you did this topic. 🙂 Not sure you mentioned this and if I missed it… I know you level classical composers by name, does this include contemporary ones as well? So like if you have books by Martha Mier, do they all get lumped together? Or do the jazz ones get filed under jazz? Also, do organize anthologies of classical music by level or by series? Sometimes I think I overthink too much in these questions, but always love to hear how others do it. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Michelle! I think I will get more and more comfortable in front of the camera if I keep practicing. 🙂

      I do like to mix the contemporary composers such as Martha Mier, Jon George, Dennis Alexander, etc. along with the classical composers at the student level. But there are a few exceptions as you mentioned: Jazz is separate, Pop is separate, and Christmas. I organize the classical anthologies by series (so, books 1-4 are together), but the order of the different series on that shelf is not particularly organized. 🙂

      I agree, it’s fun to hear how others organize their music library! I’m always looking for tips and new ideas.

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