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Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

Teaching is really very, very important. I always tell my students that you should find an opportunity to teach. When you teach others, you teach yourself.

— Itzhak Perlman

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom”

  1. I am reading a book “Learning Strategies for Musical Success” by Michael Griffin.
    He makes the self same point…teach others and you reinforce your own knowledge. He does involve his students in teaching. Those students that are particularly good and knowledgeable in a certain area are asked to teach those who may be struggling with the same concept. Both benefit.
    For those of us in private studios where we teach one on one the pupil can become the teacher…this is always enjoyed. We even exchange seats!

  2. So true! I have learned infinitely more in the last 2 years from the children I teach (and from interacting with colleagues in life and through blogs), than I did in all the years of study leading to a piano teaching diploma.

  3. Hi Joy
    Great quote from Itzhak Perlman. I like this from William Glasser:
    How we learn:
    10% of what we READ
    20% of what we HEAR
    30% of what we SEE
    50% of what we SEE and HEAR
    70% of what is DISCUSSED with OTHERS
    95% of what we TEACH TO SOMEONE ELSE!

    My book – Learning Strategies for Musical Success – discusses the wonders of teaching others in more detail.
    All the best with your work,

  4. Love your website! In the interests of teaching, may I share with you that I found your site while searching for easy printable staff papaer for my 9 year old daughter who is learning the notes at school and now wants to write her own music… Your recommendation (antonjazz.com) as you said, isn’t big enough for children to start on, but I found http://www.blanksheetmusic.net/ which allows you to change the size and you can therefore make a 6-staff sheet which is perfect, with or without the clef.

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