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Review: ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Mini

The MTNA 2014 conference begins this weekend and I am very much looking forward to it!  (Will I see you there?)

I plan to take notes from the sessions on my iPad Mini.  With this in mind, I decided to invest in a keyboard case for it.  Here is the one I picked: the ZAGGkeys Folio.

DSC_20140320_105648 web_1

I was in search for a Bluetooth keyboard that would securely attach to my iPad Mini.  Many keyboard designs have a slot where the iPad sits (like this one), which I imagine works well on a tabletop surface — but might not be as secure when balanced on one’s lap as will be the case at conferences.  In addition, the slot design does not allow for multiple viewing angles.

I debated between the ZAGGkeys Cover and the ZAGGkeys Folio but ultimately chose the Folio design because its design protects the backside of the iPad.  The ZAGGkeys Cover does not protect the back when it is being used as a keyboard, although it does has the advantage of having a nearly 360 degree hinge that allows the keyboard to fold around back so that the iPad can be used/held as a tablet.

DSC_20140320_105858 web_1

I have tested my new ZAGGkeys Folio out a few times since it arrived last week and have been very pleased with how well it works.  It has back-lit keys.  And it did not take long for my fingers to adjust to the smaller-sized keys.  The Bluetooth connection nearly instantly and the battery life is supposed to last up to three months between charges if used 2-3 hours a day.

I’m super excited to use my new gadget next week at MTNA!

DSC_20140320_105600 web_1

Here are links to the ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad mini and iPad Air.  And here are links to the ZAGGkeys Cover for iPad mini and iPad Air.

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3 thoughts on “Review: ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Mini”

  1. Hi Joy. I too, decided to bring my iPad to the MTNA conference to take notes. I had previously bought a different brand of keyboard//cover (Targus), but didn’t realize some of the keys had been given different functions — if you hit the ? in its usual position, it Copied and then deleted, etc. Arg. Really frustrating! Whoever thought that up wasn’t thinking. Or wasn’t a fast typist. My husband thought I was being a baby and urged me to just take it and get used to it. Thanks, honey.

    I attended just one session at MTNA trying to use it and knew I was NOT going to get used to it. Saturday night I headed out from the conference hotel and found a Best Buy a few blocks away. I have an older iPad2, so most of the cases in the store did not fit. But the guy in the front found me the last two in the store, and I bought one. Arg! Paying Illinois state sales tax was painful — our state has zero sales tax.

    But I am so happy I made the switch. This little baby works great, and I have seen a few other people using them at the conference. I have been looking for you — now I will look for somebody with the Zagg case.

    I do feel pretty with-it. Maybe I will see you at one of the tech-y talks today (Tuesday)? Blog on!

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