Student Composition: “The Wind”

My blogging has been sporadic at best for the past few weeks — I apologize!  I have been spending every moment of my free time working on a project with a Christmas-related deadline.  🙂  I will be sharing more details about it later this month.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of my student playing a piece she recently composed.  Rania is a very proficient composer.  🙂  Rania has composed pieces based on my “Prompts for Piano” eBook, although this particular piece was inspired by one of the composition assignments in the theory book of the Succeeding at the Piano method books.  Rania LOVES using the pedal, as you’ll hear in her piece:

Rania first wrote out her piece using her own kind of made-up notation.  After I heard her play the piece, I encouraged her to write it out on staff paper.  After that, I notated the piece for her in Finale.  She drew an illustration for the piece, which I scanned and inserted into the Finale file.  I also like to save the completed score as a PDF and send it to the parents.

Rania - The Wind wood with illustrated score

Rania enjoyed making the video, too, so that her family members that live outside of the state can see/hear her play!

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10 thoughts on “Student Composition: “The Wind””

  1. Thanks for sharing, Rania is very talented. And that smile at the end, so cute!

    I’ve just started composing with students in the last few months, and they love it. I’m really impressed with their creativity too.

  2. Well done!! What a cute little piece ! My students and I will be doing composition starting this coming new year. Thank you for inspiring us Joy [:

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