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Good morning!

Yesterday, I blogged about a presentation I am giving at the 2014 Online Conference in February.  (If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet for FREE conference registration, be sure to leave a comment on yesterday’s post!)

Well — this morning, I am speaking for the Toledo Piano Teachers Association — an active group just a half-hour away from where I live.  My program is titled, “Building Awareness of Rhythm in Piano Students.”  It is a presentation that grew out of the rhythm article I wrote last May and the “I Got Rhythm” summer camp I taught last summer.

I have been really getting into this whole presentation thing!  I have other upcoming appearances in February and May, and I would love to schedule more.  If your local association is looking for programs, please take a peek at my workshop topics.  I live in Ohio, but am willing to travel to your association!

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