iPad Staff Paper Background

Remember the music whiteboard I created using a plexiglass frame from IKEA?  Here is my new digital version.  🙂

IPadminiWhite staff paper

In the photo above, the staff paper is being used in the GoodNotes app.  You can download a multi-page pdf containing the various types of staff paper by visiting the Printables > For iPad page.

These files will probably work just as well on non-iPad tablet devices with a similar app.  If anyone tries it, please let me know!

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2 thoughts on “iPad Staff Paper Background”

  1. Wow, wish you had pics of the multipage 🙂 They all look amazing and since I downloaded to my google doc, I only had to download once and all of the pages went into Goodnotes without a problem. Can’t wait till I use them with my students !!
    Thanks again !!

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