My New iPad Mini

My husband surprised me over the weekend with an iPad Mini for my birthday!


I am having a lot of fun setting things up, downloading apps, etc.  🙂  Be sure to keep checking the Music Apps page here on my blog, because I’ve been adding a few new apps to my list — and more are on the way!

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7 thoughts on “My New iPad Mini”

  1. Fun! I am planning to purchase an iPad for my studio, and can’t decide if I want a mini, or a full-size. Do you think one has an advantage over the other?

    1. Leia is right about the regular iPad being a better choice for music reading. I realized that I won’t be using the iPad for music reading much if at all (I like my traditional music too much), so I opted for the smaller size. The iPad Mini is nice and light — it is easily held in one hand for extended amounts of time unlike the larger iPad. I think the size of the iPad Mini is absolutely perfect for me!

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