Ice Cream Interval Inspiration

My friend Susan Hong from Texas recently sent me a few photos, showing how she is using the Intervals Ice cream game in her studio.

Susan affixed adhesive magnets to the back of each card, so they can be used on a dry erase magnet board.  She also punched holes on the side of each card, so she can organize the intervals on binder rings.  For example, younger students can use the ring holding the Unison through 3rd scoops.

When students arrive early for their lessons, Susan’s students practice matching the intervals to the correct ice cream cone.

Ice Cream Interval game collage

What a fun learning station, perfect for the waiting room area!  Thanks for your inspiration today, Susan!

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1 thought on “Ice Cream Interval Inspiration”

  1. Welcome Joy 🙂

    Ice Cream Interval is perfect for the summer too. Your post about interval reading has changed my perspective in teaching students how to read music. I’m very thankful for the insight !! Now my students can recognize steps and skips in a flash :))

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