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303146_172051422869657_2286361_nI’ve recently written an article which will be published in the latest newsletter of the 3-D Piano Method, which should be sent out later today or tomorrow!

If you would like to read my article, you can sign up to receive the 3-D Piano Method’s newsletters (which are published no more than once-a-month) in your email inbox.  Visit and enter your email address in the upper right-hand corner.

While you are on their website, take a moment to read more about 3-D Piano and browse the video previews.  I first heard about 3-D Piano DVD’s at an MTNA Convention, where I heard that it had won the MTNA Francis Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award.  It looks like a great resource, particularly if you teach many advanced students — it’s something I’d definitely like to invest in someday.

UPDATE: Here is a direct link to where you can find the Soundpoint #12 newsletter, which contains my article about rhythm!

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7 thoughts on “Article in 3-D Piano Method Newsletter”

  1. I read your article, Joy! 🙂 It was very helpful and I am looking forward to using your ideas with my students.

  2. I enjoyed reading your article & tried some of your suggestions with some students this week while doing rhythm challenges for our summer Mountains to Climb Incentive. Having them sway to the pulse of the metronome while clapping & counting the rhythm really helped them to keep a steady tempo without rushing. I loved your focus on the 3 elements of rhythm!

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