Words of Wisdom

Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

“What the English like is something that they can beat time to, something that hits them straight on the drum of the ear.”

 – George Frederic Handel

Every Wednesday brings Words of Wisdom here at the Color in my Piano blog in the form of a musical quote or joke, intended to bring inspiration or humor to the middle of your week. Have suggestions? Send me a message here.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom”

  1. Hey, Joy. Me again. I have just found a really good site with a whole bunch of music symbol font downloads. Hosted by a composer called Matt Hindson, the site has only one pre-requisite for sharing the downloads, and that is that you don’t host them on YOUR website. They are, however free, so Mr Hindson would have no problem with you posting the LINK on your site. Here it is:


    They are zip files, so the user will need to un-zip them at destination folder in order to use them.
    Best love and peace from South Africa.

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