Tutorial: Making Melodies for Music Worksheets using Music Fonts

This tutorial is a follow-up on my last tutorial, which was about making rhythms using music fonts when making music worksheets.  This tutorial is about writing melodies using two music fonts: MusiQuik and StaffClefPitchesEasy (click here to read my complete post about music fonts).

These two fonts are a little more complicated to use than the rhythm fonts mentioned in the previous tutorial, however, they still work pretty well for creating simple melodies for your music worksheets or other projects.

Stay tuned — another tutorial is on the way!  Update: The next tutorial is about using my free png files of music symbols to create worksheets, instead of using music fonts.  It’s easy — check out the tutorial!

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8 thoughts on “Tutorial: Making Melodies for Music Worksheets using Music Fonts”

  1. Thanks again Joy! Really appreciate you taking the time to make this follow-up tutorial, it is very helpful. One question – is there a way to add in accidentals when using MusiQwik?

    1. The flats are located behind the symbols of vowels with accent markings…I don’t know if that helps very much, but if you can go to Insert > Symbol in Microsoft Publisher, you might have some luck through trial-and-error.

  2. Hi Joy,
    Trying to watch this video on YouTube but it just comes saying invalid link? Any ideas? I loved your rhythm video, I have always used Sibelius and it takes ages so would love to watch this video as well!

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