One More March Giveaway

We’re still celebrating our three-year anniversary here at Color In My Piano, and today we are finishing off the week with one more giveaway!  Two winners will be selected in this giveaway to receive one of the reversible necklaces pictured below:

One side is a green damask paper and the other is vintage sheet music.

The second necklace has pink paper on one side and vintage sheet music on the other. The knots in the cord slide so that the necklace length is adjustable.   (I know all the giveaways this week have been for rather feminine items, so I apologize to all the male readers of this blog!  I’ll do better next time. 🙂

Giveaway Details:

  • To enter, leave a comment below telling me how badly you want to win one of these necklaces :), or leave me a idea for a worksheet that you’d love to see appear in the Printables section.
  • Giveaway ends Thursday, March 8 at Midnight EST.  The winner will be announced Friday, March 9.
  • Two winners will be chosen via random number generator.

P.S.: A student from University of Michigan is conducting a survey for a research project in regards to humor and music in the private studio.  If you have a few moments, please help my friend Jani out and complete the survey at the following link:  Thanks!

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29 thoughts on “One More March Giveaway”

  1. I absolutely LOVE your website, blog and resources! If I won the necklace, I would tell EVERYONE about you 🙂 Thanks for all your fabulous information!!

  2. I think these necklaces are super cute and would love to win one! I am a sucker for music themed jewelry 🙂

  3. Oh, I need one of these really badly. Last month, I spent the day accompanying band students at solo contest. I was so proud as I pinned on a treble clef pin, until my teenage daughter walked in and said, “Mom, that looks just like something an accompanist would wear.” From her tone, it was clear that this was *not* a compliment. I’m sure that, should I wear one of these stylish necklaces, I would look like a “with it” musician rather than an accompanist 🙂 ha!
    I do love your blog, and am so impressed that you have your act together so well at such a young age. Thank you for all the resources you provide!

  4. These are beautiful necklaces, Joy – I would love to win one! I have a few music-themed items that I wear on occasion, which always amuses my young students (“hey, you’re wearing treble clefs on your ears!”)

  5. I would love to win the pink necklace! I think a worksheet on identifying key signatures or building minor scales would be helpful.

  6. Thanks for your wonderful blog and willingness to share your brilliant ideas with others. I would be thrilled to win your necklace! So precious!

  7. I LOVE your website. I LOVE these necklaces! I want one! And I love your worksheets! I use them ALL the time with my students. My small music studio is constantly growing and your ideas and comments are wonderful!

  8. Those are adorable necklaces!! I’d love to have either. Thanks for sharing such great music tips and ideas and such a great give away!

  9. Joy,

    The necklaces are adorable, and I would love to win one! I so appreciate your blog and everything you share. You are extremely creative and inspirational!

  10. Joy,
    The necklaces are absolutely “peachy.” I often wear music-themed jewelry and my observant students often compliment me. I would love to win one of these charming necklaces!! I so appreciate your worksheets. Some of my students love music theory word searches and crosswords – perhaps you could share some creative thoughts about this type of worksheet.

  11. Joy, I have gained so much from your site. I would love to win one of the necklaces! I do have a suggestion for a printable. I have searched for one like this, and if you already have one I have missed it. I would love to see a printable of the piano keyboard with the letter names of the keys noted on it. Thanks, again! :o)

  12. Joy, I love all your worksheets and printables they have been a blessing as I begin on my journey of teaching. I love the necklaces they would go with most of my apparel. I would love a printable that would seperate the chords into families better. All similar Majors into families then similar minors. A way for my students to not confuse C,F, G Major with D,E,A minor.

  13. These are terrific! As a piano and voice teacher I’d love to win a music one!
    I teach many siblings and have a craft table in my studio(ex living room:-) The sib who is waiting while the other is having their lesson enjoy making all sorts of things and I’d really like to know how you made these.Love your blog and as far as printables, dotted quarter, eighth notes…anything rhythmic. Thanks.

  14. I really need a necklace! (my 2 and 5 year old have insisted that I wear more accessories). I would love a new worksheet on beginner note-reading. For example, I introduce guide notes treble G, bass F, top line A bass clef and bottom line A bass clef…, and I would like to have a page that reinforces those guide notes at a time with a few measures of sight reading (using steps and skips and the guide notes starting them).

  15. Joy, I absolutely adore your necklace! I don’t often wear music accessories but this necklace is just too cool! My only fear is that my wannabe music-teaching teenage daughter may steal it – especially a green one! If I won the pink one, she’d probably leave it alone!
    Thanks for all the effort you put into this blog – definitely one of my favorites!
    God bless you!

  16. Love the necklace!! My student are always captivated by any musical jewelry I wear. Hoping I win–my birthday is this week!!!

  17. Your website is awesome!!! I have gotten so many ideas for teaching privately and in my general music classroom. if I won this necklace I would show it to all of my students and tell them that I won it from a person who I get great and fun ideas from!

  18. Wow, those are cute. 🙂

    I would love to have a printable with notes and rests that I could print out and laminate so that my students could create their own rhythms to clap out. They like it so much better if it is their idea. 😉 Thank you so much for your blog! I learn so much.

  19. These necklaces are so cute and original. Love your site, I refer to it often to help me be a better teacher. Thank you, thank you!

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