iPhone & iPod Touch Apps Suggestions, Anyone?

My husband gave me an iPod Touch for Christmas, and I’ve gradually been downloading various apps to personalize it for the things I do.  It’s very exciting!  I love that I can access my email and the internet easily while I’m on campus, without going to a computer lab or hauling my laptop along with me for the day.  It’s been such a convenience!

I’ve also been looking for music-related apps to use in piano teaching and for my own practicing.  Do any of you iPhone/iPod Touch owners have some favorite apps?  Eventually, I’d like to compile a list of good music apps and post them here — I’d love to get your help with some suggested apps to try out!

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8 thoughts on “iPhone & iPod Touch Apps Suggestions, Anyone?”

  1. There is a great Music for Little Mozarts app, I think it is $1 – but it is great for little kids! (If you wanted to let a little kid use your ipod, haha). It quizzes on notes and high vs. low, etc.

  2. I was just going to recommend Music Flash Class, but Marci beat me to it. So I second her recommendation! 🙂 Be sure to check out the “Hot Potato” feature! 😉

  3. Hi Joy,

    There are so many great music and piano apps for iOS! An iPod or iPhone is really an amazing tool to have when studying music nowadays…

    Some of my favourite apps are:

    * Virtuoso Piano (or the free version) is a great keyboard app, handy for dabbling or playing a note or chord when you hear something and want to check against a reference

    * iRealBook has chord sheets for all the jazz standards, with some nice features like transposition and accompaniment playback.

    * MySongbook – similar to iRealBook but lets you find chords for any songs via online search.

    * PianoChordy is a nice simple tester for finding piano chords from chord symbols

    * Metronome TS is great metronome with some nice options on playing rhythms rather than just straight beats.

    … and I hope you’ll forgive the plug, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my own apps! They’re for ear training specifically, details at

    Hope you’ll enjoy your new iPod! Looking forward to your roundup post in due course.

    Christopher Sutton

  4. Thanks for all the app suggestions, I just got an ipod myself and want to try all these out.!!! I am excited to try these out.

  5. I received an iPad over the summer. It accompanies me to every lesson now. Here are 2 favorites:

    I love’s reader app. It let’s you view all of your purchases and any of their monthly free songs that are in your account.

    My student have a blast recording with “StudioMiniXL”, an eight track recorder. They enjoy either recording their songs “as is” or creatively splitting/adding new tracks. Their creativity always amazes me. We use the program’s built in drum track to reinforce rhythm without the use of the “dreaded” metronome.

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