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10 Fun & Free Musical Fonts

Looking to spice up your studio documents?  Check out the fun music fonts!

1.   LD Music | This charming font features hints of musical-symbol-likeness.  This font would be perfect for studio newsletters, recital programs, and other studio handouts!

2.   Simple Melody | Shows up as the font “New” once installed.  For some reason, the spaces in this font are huge.  Reduce the size of the spaces to a smaller font size and it will look normal.

3.   All That Jazz | A fun piano keys font!  There is no difference between uppercase and lowercase letters in this font.

4.   KGMusic1 | A cute music font involving conductors for capital letters, and eighth notes for lowercase letters.

5.   ToneDeaf BB | A font of cute looking music notes and symbols.  There are no actual letters or numbers in this font.

6.   DTNoted | All letters in this font are uppercase, and there are no punctuation marks.

7.   AlphaMusicMan | There are both uppercase and lowercase letters in this font, but no punctuation marks.

8.   Onpu | There are both uppercase and lowercase letters in this font, plus a limited amount of punctuation marks.

9.   101! Baby Grand | Letters are all uppercase. Numbers are included too.

10. Willies Piano Font | Includes letters and numbers and a few punctuation symbols.

11. Music For Your Ears | A cute harp-like font!  (added April 2012)

Directions for installing fonts: PC | Mac.

See also: Music Fonts: The Ultimate Guide to learn how to find and use music fonts with symbols and notes to create your own music worksheets!

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21 thoughts on “10 Fun & Free Musical Fonts”

    1. Hi Atara – some of them automatically put themselves into Word. Others didn’t, however, I discovered that if I typed the name of the font in and pressed enter, Microsoft Word somehow found and recognized the font. Hope that helps!

  1. Thank you so much for the amazing fonts no 6 and 7. I was able to make a really classy programme for our school music department concert.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these music fonts. I stumbled upon them tonight and can’t wait to create some signs for my music room. I just know my students will love it. BTW – I’m an Ohio gal who now lives in Perth, Western Australia.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these I love this site and I mostly use it. I am a music teacher and teaching in India ( Mumbai). I cant wait to use these fonts for class.

  4. Thank you soooo much for sharing these fabulous music fonts. I have been looking all over for an appropriate font to go with a little blue bird singing “good morning” and you just made my day. Thank you again.

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