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Music Book Covers/Protectors

I recently stocked up on the vinyl urtext book protectors that Henle makes…….they are one of my FAVORITE things.  They help keep my books in good shape!

My $52.00 (yes, OUCH!) Beethoven Sonatas volumes are much happier and safer inside their own protective covers.

Although these vinyl covers are specially designed to fit Henle Urtext editions, I use them on my other books too even if they have a little extra room at the top.

See below?  My Padereswi Chopin Nocturnes score looks content too.  =)

I buy these whenever I buy new scores that cost me $15 or more.  Instead of buying them for all your scores, however, I suppose you could buy a set of 3 or 4 and move them to whatever books you are currently using the most.  The covers cost about $3.50 each.

Check them out!  You can find them on SheetMusicPlus or Prima Music.