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Forum Q&A | Being A Member of MTNA or Other Professional Organizations

Our last Forum Q&A from two weeks ago (due to the conference) was all about dealing with rhythmic “simplification” of familiar tunes with students.  If you haven’t read all the great responses yet, be sure to do so by clicking here!  As always, it’s never to late to contribute your own thoughts if you haven’t already.

This week, I’d like to start a discussion about professional organizations (such as MTNA for the U.S. — international teachers, please tell us about what your country offers!).

Are you a member of a professional organization?  If so, for how long have you been a member?  Is it worth it?  What is your favorite thing about being a member of MTNA or any other professional music teachers association?  What other benefits can you list?  Why do you consider it important to be a member?

If you are not currently a member of a professional organization, would you like to be in the future?  What questions do you have about becoming a member?

Comment away!


Advice for Teachers Seeking to Professionalize their Studios

This week, I received an friendly email from a piano teacher in Texas who is looking for ways to professionalize her studio.  I already sent her a reply via email but I was thinking that you readers may have some suggestions and advice for her too — so here are some of her questions!

  • Do I need a business license?
  • Should I maintain a webpage and how do I do that?
  • Is what I have (20 students) enough to call it a studio?
  • How do I know if I am charging enough?
  • How do I find a place for a recital that doesn’t cost much?

So please – share!  What advice do you have for this teacher?

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