Photo of My Studio Featured in Clavier Companion!

A couple of months back, I shared on facebook that Clavier Companion magazine was looking for submissions of photos of different piano studios.  I decided to go ahead and submit a few photos of my studio, and I was thrilled that they decided to use one of them!  If you subscribe to Clavier Companion, take a look at page 25 of their January/February 2013 issue, and you will see my photo:

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 12.10.20 PM

How exciting!  I enjoyed browsing all the other studio photos in the article, too.  I also recognized photos from some other bloggers: Jennifer Fink of, Leila Viss of, and Dorla Aparicio of

If you aren’t a subscriber of Clavier Companion magazine, definitely check them out!  It is very affordable (both print copies and the digital version) and the articles are always excellent and inspiring.