Leave It Behind and Just Play

What happens when you have to give a performance but your mind is preoccupied with all sorts of crazy stuff going on in your life?

In working with a vocalist whom I accompany for this week, we had a conversation about the necessity of leaving life’s problems outside the performance hall.  Of course, it’s easier said than done!

Preoccupation and the Piano Lesson

The same kind of issue can arise in the piano lesson too.  Students sometimes come distracted to the lesson and have difficulty focusing on playing their pieces and learning what is being taught.

I’m not talking about when the student won’t sit still or is distracting by other objects in the room; I’m talking about when the student’s mind seems to be deeply preoccupied with other things.  It’s tough as piano teacher: we often don’t know what is going on in the student’s life at school or at home.   Continue reading “Leave It Behind and Just Play”