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  • Making Music Worksheets Using Music Fonts | Learn how you can create your own music worksheets using Microsoft Publisher (or a similar program) and some free music fonts.
  • Free Website Builder: | In this post, I highly recommend using this site for creating your own studio website if you don’t have one already.  The best part about  It’s free!


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What Readers Are Saying

“Another piano teacher introduced me to your blog and web site when I started teaching 3 1/2 years ago. She was careful to only lead me to people that would be most helpful and you were one of those people! I love the example you are of being a lifelong learner. Thank you for sharing through your blog and resources.” –Juli

“Joy, I can’t remember how I found your blog … it’s been many years now. I always love reading your thoughts on music teaching and have used many printables from your shop You are definitely a bright star in the piano teacher blogging world.” –Saundra

“I’ve been following your blog for about 10 years. I have used a number of your resources, and when I find a need for some type of resource, I tend to check your shop first because I have absolutely loved the style and quality of materials you have put together – it is always so well done!” –Valerie M.

“Your blog has helped me to think outside the box beyond only using traditional books and worksheets to teach kids how to play the piano and understand reading music. I have followed your blog for at least 3 years. Thanks for the inspiration!” –Becky C.

“I’ve been following for all 13 years. It is so fun to be connected to a dedicated piano teacher who is honest and open about her life. Joy, you are so refreshing! Your direct, simple approach in discussing various aspects of teaching, how you personally grow and how you deal with the ever changing music scene is what appeals to me the most!” –Susan C.

“Joy, I discovered your blog a number of years ago, (8 to 10 years ago), and was impressed with how clearly your intentions were. You wanted to equip teachers to be better at what they do. You have a large library of resources that I have tapped into, used and shared with my students. I enjoy your challenges, and am presently taking your digital course. Your insight, passion and encouragement is appreciated. Keep up the awesome blogging, teaching and inspiring.” –Cyndi V.

“I am not sure when I started following your blog, but it was probably because someone from the Grand Rapids Piano Teachers Forum recommended it. And I’m so grateful for all the wonderful ideas, guidance, and resources you have shared. When I attended one of your retreats, I saw firsthand that you are gracious, sincere, and knowledgeable, and your humble curiosity and desire to keep learning is such an inspiration. Even though I also started teaching in college (a mere 40+ years ago!), I continue to grow and enjoy learning about new ways to be more efficient, relevant, and effective as a teacher. Your blog is practical and so helpful! All the best to you, Joy, as you continue to serve not only your students, but a multitude of teachers who learn from you as well through your excellent blog.” –Denise V.

“Your resources and blog helped me so much! I have used many of your products and they have never failed to inspire and be an incredible resource for me as a teacher. I love your composer lap books!! I hold two music history parties every semester. I use your lap books and have many comments from parents and students of how much they love them. I am hoping to be able to attend your piano teacher institute and one of your piano teacher retreats one of these days! I’ve loved reading about your sweet family this past year! I don’t usually comment on things but wanted you to know you have made a difference in my teaching and I am thankful for you!” –Brenda P.

“Hi! I’ve been following you religiously since 2012! I love so many things about you and your work but I think what I find most useful is how practical and REAL your offerings are. You clearly know what teaching and learning are actually like so it’s easy to grab a printable and follow your straightforward directions to use it promptly! Thank you!” –Robyn H.

“Dear Joy, Congratulations on 12 years of “Color In My Piano!” As I recall, we met several years before you began your blog. What I first noticed about you as a pianist and educator was your spirit of transparency and thoughtful adventure. It was evident while observing you perform Bach at Calvin University for a masterclass with Angela Hewitt. Your Music History ideas were bright and well planned as we taught at St. Cecilia Piano Camp in Grand Rapids. What a joy to see you gracefully embrace so many opportunities in your life, allow us to learn from your experiences and to share outstanding contributions to a worldwide music community. Your honest and open life continues to be a breath of fresh air and inspiration. Thank you so much, Joy! God bless you and your family!” –Susan C.