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How I Use Instagram, and an Invitation to Follow Me There!

Are you on Instagram? Although I’ve had an Instagram account for a long time, I have been surprised to realize that the enjoyment I get from Instagram has been increasing the more/longer I use it. Although Instagram is owned by Facebook, I like Instagram better than Facebook.

In this blog post, I’d like to share a little about how Instagram works, how I use it, and why you might enjoy being on Instagram, too.

[If you enjoy the content here on my blog, you’ll probably enjoy the content from my Instagram channel, too. I invite you to follow me there!]

Using Instagram

Instagram is available as a free smartphone app (iOS | Android). It is also free to create an account.

Instagram is a visual-based platform. It differs from Facebook in that all posts must contain a photo or a video — you cannot post text alone. This puts the visual element front and center. For that reason, there is generally less negativity (and less political talk) on Instagram than on Facebook. I enjoy scrolling through my Instagram feed!

[Here’s an example Instagram post from earlier this year. You can find the mentioned BINGO sheet here.]

Instagram is a fun way to connect with friends and contacts. You can use Instagram for sharing anything you’d like, whether personal or professional. You can also opt to create multiple accounts — one for your personal life and one for your piano studio, for example. Personally, I prefer using only one account and using it to share a combination of things from my family life and professional activities.

In short, I use Instagram as a “microblog.” As the name implies, microblogging is like blogging except the posts are generally shorter and quicker to read. I see my blog here at as a platform for sharing lengthier articles, while Instagram can be a platform for sharing smaller, everyday things. When I have something fun to share that doesn’t warrant an entire blog post here at, I can post it on Instagram!

Even if you don’t plan to post often, you might enjoy following your friends and your favorite influencers/celebrities on Instagram. Just use the search bar to enter names or topics you are interested in, and start browsing! Don’t forget to hit the “Follow” button when you find someone’s content you are interested in.

Instagram Stories

In addition to posts, Instagram allows you to post “stories.” A story is a special type of post that disappears after 24 hours. If there is a colorful ring around someone’s profile picture (see screenshot below for example), it means there is a “story” available to view.

People use “stories” in all sorts of creative ways. Instagram allows you to add text, animated stickers, music excerpts, interactive polls, and more to a photo or video. (I’ll share an example later on below.)

Stories can be saved and archived into “highlights” so that they can live on beyond 24 hours. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have a few highlight categories on my profile page: music, printables, Q&A, etc.

[Here is a screenshot of my Instagram profile.]

One way I’ve been using Instagram stories recently is to share what kind of music I’ve been recently playing in our home. Here are a few screenshot examples from my past Instagram stories:

I’ve been trying to expose my baby daughter, Aria, to lots of different things! 🙂 There’s so much music out there. I’m searching out things I’d like her to know, as well as exploring new and interesting things.

It’s been super fun to create and share these Instagram stories!

There are so many creative ways to use Instagram. (There’s also a brand new feature called Instagram “reels”, which I haven’t even tried yet.) I’m no Instagram pro, but I am enjoying it recently so I thought it was worth sharing here about it!

So, that’s a quick overview of how I’m currently using and enjoying Instagram. If you are interested in following me there, you’ll find me under joymorinpiano (click here). I’d love to connect with you!

Your turn: What social media platforms do you enjoy? Are you on Instagram? Do you find it enjoyable and useful? Please tell us about it in the comment section below this blog post! (And share your Instagram profile info with us too, so we can follow you!)

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