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Piano Lesson Fun with “The Office” Theme Song

I just have to share this fun, spontaneous moment from a piano lesson yesterday. Check out this video:

My student surprised me by showing me that he had learned to play The Office theme song. I, in turn, surprised him by pulling out my melodica. 🙂 I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to play that with someone!!

What is a melodica? It’s a cute little reed instrument that looks like a keyboard. I bought mine on Amazon (you can browse here) a few years ago. It is the instrument actually used for The Office theme song.

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9 thoughts on “Piano Lesson Fun with “The Office” Theme Song”

  1. Keeping with the melodica theme – there there is a Cosplay Anime pianist (Lilly Pichu) that attended an a Cosplay event (Indy Cosplay) in July 2017 that played various themes to popular games as she followed those characters at the event. Perhaps the instrument will make a comeback (from wherever its been…). Shows how learning to play a keyboard can branch into different applications.

  2. So cool!! My son learned to play this by ear after watching the Office years ago (before I was even familiar with the show!). I’d play the melody while he played the Accompaniment. But the Melodica…how fun!!

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