MTNA 2016 (2): Sunday, April 3

Below are my notes from Day 2 while attending the 2016 MTNA conference in San Antonio! Click here to read Day 1.

8:00am Exhibiter Showcase — The Royal Conservatory: Enriching Every Lesson with Theory And Muscianship by Janet Lopinski.

I was very excited to learn more details about the upcoming Celebrate Theory series that will be available this summer! These will be available at every level (Prep A and B, and then 1-10) and are designed to support the Repertoire and Etudes book.

8:00am Exhibiter Showcase — Faber Piano Adventures: Effective Strategies For Adult Keyboard Learners.

I also ducked into the Faber showcase to hear about the brand new second edition of their Adult Piano Adventures book! It looks great.

9:15am Plenary Session — Entrepreneurship, by the Time for Three trio: Nikki Chooi, Nicholas Kendall, and Ranaan Meyer. 

Time for Three was back today after their successful concert for us last night, for this plenary session. The group told the story about how they formed almost by accident, and starting getting gigs. As students at Curtis Institute of Music, they began jamming together late at night. The members of Time for Three are so genuine and fun! It was clearly evident how much they believe in their music and what they do.

1:00pm Neil A. Kjos Music Company – Making Music in Tandem (Two for One!): Piano Duet Discoveries and Masterworks, by Weekley and Arganbright

I was excited for the opportunity to hear the husband and wife duet team Weekly & Arganbright speak about some of their latest piano duet publications.

2:15pm The Wild West of Marketing: How Do You Know What Really Works? by Amy Chaplin

My dear friend Amy Chaplin rocked her presentation about marketing! In her session, she described her marketing efforts while establishing an independent studio, and shared all about what worked and what didn’t work. Check out Amy’s fantastic, brand new blog at

Here is a short video I took from her presentation:

Afterwards, we spent some time in the exhibit hall to purchase music and get some freebies!

For dinner, I met fellow OhioMTA teachers at Maria Mia.

Such a fun and full day! Click here to read Day 3.

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  1. I really have loved your posts- I just downloaded a new piano app(ivory piano) and I would really like to hear your thoughts on it as a learning tool!!

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