New in the Shop: Ice Cream Intervals Extension Pack

I know it’s been quiet around the blog lately!  Last summer was one of those summers where I said “yes” to too many commitments and over-extended myself.  I’m actually quite relieved to be in a “normal” Fall teaching schedule.  Recently, I’ve been wrapping up a few projects which I hope will allow me to blog on a somewhat more regular basis!

This weekend, I found a little bit of time for a little project suggested by a reader.  She requested that I create an “extension pack” for the Ice Cream Intervals game that would provide harmonic (blocked) intervals to add to the original melodic (broken) intervals.  Why didn’t I think of that?!  What a great idea!  (Thanks, Morgan!)

So, here is a peek:

20141014_140244 NIKON web

It’s important for students to become fluent at recognizing relationships between notes whether the intervals are harmonic or melodic, because that is what happens in the music they are learning.  With the addition of the new harmonic cards, my students’ favorite game just became even more beneficial for them.  😉

20141014_140719 NIKON web

For $4, you can purchase the extension pack which nearly doubles the amount of ice cream scoops by providing 48 harmonic (blocked) intervals to add the original melodic (broken) intervals.  The intervals in the Extension Pack range from “2nd” to “octave.”  (Please note that no cones are provided in the Extension Pack, so you won’t want to purchase it unless you also have the original Ice Cream Intervals game. )  Remember, all the items in my shop are digital products — meaning, you are buying the PDF so that you can print and assemble it yourself.

For more info, visit the Ice Cream Intervals Game page in the Shop.

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6 thoughts on “New in the Shop: Ice Cream Intervals Extension Pack”

  1. This is a great extension pack! My students love the Ice Cream Interval Game. We used it as a meet-and-greet activity during the Music Olympics camp last year, and I keep it handy during lessons for students who need a break from the bench!

  2. Hi, Joy,

    Does the original Interval game pack include all intervals (not just unison, 2nd & 3rd as pictured?)

    Thanks, Hulda.

  3. What a great game. My students love it! It did take a bit to cut everything out. I purchased both packs, laminated them and then cut out everything on Sunday afternoon. I used the “empty” cones for the terms “harmonic” and “melodic” and had the younger students break out those intervals using those headings…just another way to use the pack and get the beginners involved too. Thanks Joy!

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