Thrifty Find: Piano-side Table

Since moving in June, I’ve been gradually getting my studio organized and arranged to my liking.  It is a process!

I love having a tabletop surface nearby when I am teaching.  I’ve been using a TV tray table for this purpose temporarily, with the hope that I would eventually find something that better suits the rest of the room:

20140916_132059 SONY web

I finally found that special “something”…!

20140916_131025 SONY web

It is an old typewriter stand.  I found it at a furniture consignment shop for $60.  

20140916_131515 SONY web

I *love* the trapezoid shape.

20140916_132713 SONY web

Just thought I’d share some eye candy with those who I know will “get it!”  🙂

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13 thoughts on “Thrifty Find: Piano-side Table”

  1. I love the table, and I think we even have one similar around here. Not that awesome shape, but man, I really need a table to write on. I constantly have books and binders falling out of my lap. But I am left handed and need to sit on the right side of the piano so it’s complicated…

    Now, what is the paint chip flip book with the stickers in it?

      1. That little binder-thing holds index cards that I use for my ongoing incentive program. Each student has their name written on a card. For each page of music that they “pass” or each theory page that they complete, I give the student a sticker on their card. When their card is filled up with 30 stickers, they get to pick out a prize from the prize box. It’s an easy incentive program that I have been using for quite a few years. More details here:

  2. That’s really cool! While I don’t own an acoustic piano, I do own a digital piano which I use as a MIDI controller for some recording software. A table like that would really convenient for holding my laptop – right now I have it resting on my piano. It’s light, but it slips off pretty easily so I’ve got to be careful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes! I found this to be necessary as well. I use a file cabinet that is similar height. And it contains my ‘tools’ for teaching – pencils, stickers, etc…

  4. Looks good. Pretty much goes with your room, and adds a nice touch over the previous. Adds a nice accent, and with the chair, looks awesome. I like your blog. But I like your piano even more. I’ve got to get me one of those someday. Sooner is better. Thanks, and keep sharing.

  5. I like! I like the shape and character! The old with the new! Just like us! Teaching an age old skill in a new way to a new generation!

  6. Hi Joy,

    It’s my first time arriving to your site! That’s a cool innovation! As a piano teacher myself, I’m also looking at ways to have a small desk right beside my piano. Especially if you are teaching students, and need some desk to write on.

    I will probably consider your method. So far, I have my own table, but its those heavy type, and I can’t possibly drag it beside the piano. Thanks for your idea!

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