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Piano Pronto “Prelude” Book with Teacher Duets – Giveaway

Remember when I blogged about Jennifer Eklund’s music last Winter?   Today, I want to tell you a little bit more about her self-published piano method, Piano Pronto.


I haven’t been experimenting with the Piano Pronto books for very long yet, but already I can see some reasons why Piano Pronto is unique from the piano methods available from the major publishers:

  • Piano-Pronto-Prelude-book-300x300It is an all-in-one book.  Lessons introducing new concepts, prep exercises to learn, and simple theory questions to answer are all included within the book.  This makes it easier for the teacher to supplement with a variety of types of music.  Or, the method can even serve as the supplement to a different method!  
  • It begins with on-staff reading.  Some students do not need a period of pre-staff notation — especially older beginners or those who have learned staff notation at school.
  • It uses a huge variety of familiar folk tunes and classical themes.  This allows students to use their ears a great deal as they learn to read music.  It also can be motivating for students to be able to play tunes they are familiar with.
  • It does not shy away from teaching rhythm concepts such as eighth notes (taught in the Prelude book) or 6/8 time (taught in the Movement 2 book) early on.
  • It teaches key signatures early on (in the Movement 1 book).
  • It requires students to move around the keyboard early on (starting in the Prelude Book).

If you haven’t taken a look at Piano Pronto before, you can learn more by browsing the preview pages and audio samples on Jennifer’s website.  

Being self-published has its advantages, including being able to interact directly with one’s audience.  Jennifer manages an active forum on Facebook where teachers can ask questions and share success stories.  A few weeks ago, I posted there to ask Jennifer if there was any chance that she would be releasing teacher duets anytime soon to go with her method books.  Jennifer responded almost immediately and set to work writing teacher duets for the “Prelude” book.  The eBook for those teacher duets is now available here!   After purchase, you can print a copy from the PDF or load it onto your favorite score reader on your iPad.

In celebration of this new release, Jennifer has offered to sponsor a giveaway.  Two randomly-chosen winners will receive a FREE copy of the Piano Pronto “Prelude” book and the corresponding teacher duets (U.S. winners will receive hardcopies while international winners will receive digital copies).  To enter, please leave a comment on this post describing which unique aspect of the Piano Pronto method (from the list above) intrigues you the most!  Enter by Wednesday, August 6 at midnight Eastern time.

Don’t forget to visit Jennifer’s Piano Pronto Discussion Group on facebook and request to join.  There, you will find many other resources relating to Piano Pronto, including a transfer assessment guide and a guide to Jennifer’s supplemental music.

Update: Jennifer is running a rare 20% off sale from August 1st through August 5!  Use the promo code SCHOOL20.

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142 thoughts on “Piano Pronto “Prelude” Book with Teacher Duets – Giveaway”

  1. I’m very interested in the books because they begin with on-staff reading. I have my favorite method books that I normally use with beginning students, but pre-reading often seems like a waste a time for some adults or advanced students. These books seem like they would be great for those adult students who know another instrument or have learned piano in the past. I’d be very interested to try them!

    1. Just as an FYI Lauren, on the Piano Pronto website you can see all of the insides of all of the products (not just a few pages!) and I have FULL audio for everything on the website as well!

  2. I’ve not purchased Jennifer’s books, but they are so intriguing! I am interested in the all-in-one method. I LOVE books that do that, as well as the various styles of music which would appeal to my adult learners who are VERY eager to play music which sounds difficult, but is within their level of learning! I have heard RAVE reports of Jennifer’s books, so need to purchase some! Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. I totally agree that Jennifer Eklund’s music method is “student-friendly”. My students love her books, especially the arrangements of Classical and 20th Century Music.
    They like her compositions because they sound modern to them.
    I’m very happy to have found “Piano Pronto” and Jennifer Eklund!

  4. Love her music! Deceptively easier than they sound, her pieces are enjoyed by my students as well. I love watching their confidence grow and their sense of accomplishment encourage further development.

  5. So far I have only used the Prelude book. My favorite part of the Piano Pronto series is that while it does introduce new concepts every song, it stays in the same level so I can use the one book instead of having to use several books. I have to use several books with the other methods because they move too quickly for 95% of my students. This makes it confusing to practice the other methods, having to go from book to book. I have used the Prelude so far with both adults and young students and the feedback is very positive! In fact, I need to order a few more very soon….

  6. Piano Pronto published by Jennifer Eklund, has been used in my piano studio for the past 4 years. I love the Prelude book for my beginners! I am looking forward to being able to use the new duet book for this with my new beginning students!

  7. I am a huge Piano Pronto fan! My favorite part of the method books are the Pronto Prep sections. That is one of the things that makes Piano Pronto unique. My students have connected with Piano Pronto like I have never seen before with any other method book. Even my adults, and sometimes even more so!

  8. I especially love the use of familiar folk tunes and classical themes in the Piano Pronto method books. My students are really motivated to practice their pieces during the week, and because they are already familiar with the melodies, they progress really quickly! I also like the use of on-staff reading right from the get go, and the introduction of eighth notes early on. My young students love it, and my adult students do too.

  9. I have not seen these books yet “in real life” but I’m struck by how I never hear anything but positive feedback from those who have used them. Very interested and would love to win the giveaway. Thanks for hosting it!

  10. I have been considering jumping on the “Piano Pronto” bandwagon, but just haven’t taken the plunge yet. But I did just purchase some of Jennifer’s supplementary music earlier this week, and so far, I’m loving it! I liked reading above that the method doesn’t shy away from introducing concepts like eighth notes, key signatures, and more difficult time signatures (6/8) early on. I would love to win copies of Prelude book and the corresponding teacher duets book.

    Can I take the time to tell a little story, too? I have a student who LOVES playing the piano and is VERY talented musically. She has moved fairly quickly through her books and we finally got to a point that the content in the books was not fun for her anymore. It was difficult, boring, and just not fun to play. So I suggested Piano Pronto to her mother. Early this week I received an e-mail that they had purchased the ENTIRE collection of method books and my student is REALLY excited to start learning from one of them. (She has younger siblings that the mother is hoping to teach using the other books.) She comes for her lesson tomorrow and we’ll be looking through the books to see which one we should start with. I guess that’s my excuse to just buy the collection already! 🙂

  11. I have had much success with her books and sheet music. They are also great for pulling back students that have previously quit. I just tell them I have found some new piano music that they will love and so far each one that I have done this with has come back. Student savers!

  12. I am always looking for new methods as I believe all students learn differently so one method is not necessarily good for all. All in one books are good as students can keep better track of them.

  13. I like the idea of All in one book, and I would like to try the method book on two of my teenage students. I heard good review about the Piano pronto music and I would like to try it out.

  14. I started Piano Pronto last month. My students and I love it! The biggest plus of this method is the use of familiar tunes, both popular and Classical, throughout the method. I also love that it’s all-in-one, and the introduction of key signnatures early on. The Pronto Prep is awesome.

  15. Well, Jennifer has gotten me hooked on her music, and I would like to switch my students over to Piano Pronto. The students who are using her music are loving it, and I would like to introduce more of my students to her wonderful books! Winning this would be a wonderful thing for me, as it would encourage me to start making the switch over! After 50 years of teaching piano, I welcome this big change! Thanks!

  16. I have used the Prelude book for an adult student once. I haven’t tried the teacher duets, but they sound interesting

  17. I have just recently learned about Piano Pronto. I love the fact that it moves at a pace students will enjoy. Most especially I am excited to see how the book removed students all over the piano. So many method books stay in one place for so long that by the time students move, they are confused or so stuck in their “5-note box” that change becomes difficult. I’d love for students to be comfortable moving from place to place and learning more than just the same 5 notes for pages and pages.

  18. Love Piano Pronto. Just started using it middle of June with a 10 year old. She has already completed Prelude and will finish Movement 1 next week. She loves it. I do too. Each week she thanks me numerous times.

  19. I like the idea of introducing students to *advanced* rhythmic concepts without delay! Students are more capable than we give them credit for!

  20. I am using Piano Pronto with one young student and love the fact that we jumped right into reading notes on the staff. I would love to have the duets!

  21. I’m really interested in this series because of the lack of pre-reading material, and because it introduces quavers(eighths) earlier, I think itmight be just the ticket for some of my teenage and adult beginners!

  22. All 6 of the reasons Joy covered in this article are why I really like Piano Pronto. The one I am hearing the most from the students I have started is that they love playing the familiar music in an arrangement that sounds so good. I am anxious to try out the new duets – I think they will be a great addition to the method book and would be lots of fun for the student (and me, too). For me – I really like the Pronto Prep which works on sections before actually tackling the entire song. Makes the student successful when they play the song for the 1st time. I cannot say enough good things about the publications from Piano Pronto!!! Looking forward to sharing them with more students in the future – just started using them in May and they are a wonderful addition to my studio!! Thank you Jennifer Eklund!!

  23. I like that it begins with on-staff reading. I’ve been hearing about her books, and would love to win a copy to try out with a student.

  24. I have not used these books yet but have heard so much about them I really need to try them soon! I feel like they would work really well with some of my older beginner students. I am interested in the early introduction to key signatures, more advanced time signatures, and the like.

  25. I love that the books have a lot of familiar tunes. This is critical for most of my students.

  26. So excited to explore Piano Pronto! Love that key signatures are taught early on as well as the familiar folk tunes and classical themes. Thanks for sharing this!

  27. I love Jennifer’s music. Her piano solos have such a rich sound and my students love them. Can’t wait to use her duets!

  28. I love Piano Pronto. I have always found that even my favorite methods grows tiresome for my busy students. Piano Pronto has yet to leave me students feeling tired or bored. I have moved more than half of my piano studio to the method and across the board from young to old they are progressing faster and remembering more. The best part though is the many solos by Jennifer. They are everyone’s favourite but still very technical and very modern. I can not say enough positive things about the method. Great Review!

  29. I am excited about the “all-in-one” that was mentioned. I would love to win, but even if I dont I will still check this method out.

  30. I haven’t seen it before, but like the idea of diverse teaching aspects. The concept of “requires students to move around the keyboard early on” is exciting.

  31. I have yet to “take the plunge” into Piano Pronto materials, but I am certainly leaning that way with all the positive reviews and comments. I love to play duets with my students!

  32. I *love* Piano Pronto for several reasons, but the two main reasons, I guess, are how much my students *love* playing Jennifer’s pieces and how easily accessible Jennifer is to her customers, both students *and* teachers alike. Jennifer has always been very open to suggestions and requests, often responding with an easier version, fingerings added, or whatever the requests had been. I am amazed at the volume and depth of the body of work she has created.

    Another reason that Piano Pronto is a favorite of mine is that a number of Jennifer’s compositions have become what I refer to as “student savers” to bring out with some of those students who have hit the wall (usually around late middle school) and are just not sure they want to continue piano. Usually after hearing these songs , they’re just itching to learn them. I often hear from parents that they are having to *make* the child stop practicing. In the learning process with these “student savers”, they become rejuvenated and energized to a completely different level. It’s almost magic to see it happen again and again. 🙂

  33. I would love to win these books. I have just begun to look at Piano Pronto for my students. I really like that they have songs & pieces that are familiar.

  34. I would love to try one of Jennifer’s books! The thing that appeals to me most right now is that students are introduced to 8th notes sooner and also 6/8 time. I’ve read many positive reviews! Thanks for this opportunity.

  35. I like that the book starts in on more complicated rhythms earlier on. These are not so hard to teach to students when it is more about the sound and feel of the music rather than the mathematical exactness. Makes simple music a lot more exciting!

  36. Where do I begin?
    As an X Band Director and currently an Elementary Music Teacher with teaching several instruments besides piano after school in my home or all during the summer……the biggest part of the Prelude Book (and the other books) that I like is there Pronto Prep —- once the students can master the excerpt then it’s down hill on the selected piece. The other big plus of the piano book is the Music Theory questions! My students love it too as they gain more stickers / points!
    To go on — the personal service and feedback is the extra measure of compassion. My students / parents can not believe that I actually communicate with the composer and arranger of the songs in their book.
    Thank you Jennifer — oh and the certificates!!!! WOW!!!!

  37. I have just started using Piano Pronto –especially for older beginners or for those who may not be ready to transition into the next level of their method book. I would be very interested to check out the teacher duet book, especially with the Prelude book where duets give an “umph” to each piece.

  38. I only teach from PP. I love the logical introduction of new concepts, the fast pace, and the music choices. The kids get so excited when they learn a song they recognize.

  39. Jennifer’s supplementary music is popular with my students. Four chose her music to play at our Pops on the Patio concert a couple of weeks ago; they sounded great with a live rhythm section!

  40. I love how the PP books are age appropriate across the board. I started a 14 year old boy and didn’t have to worry about it being babyish, and yet the new 6 year old girl is loving it as well!

  41. I appreciate having so many familiar tunes arranged in a learning sequence that students of all ages enjoy. I also find that so many children do not know the folk songs and patriotic music that is part of our American heritage so Piano Pronto provides an excellent way to keep alive the tradition of America’s folk music. In addition, students feel so gratified when they play the music composed using “today’s” sounds. Thank you, Jennifer.

  42. HI! I haven’t seen these books yet, but I am very intrigued with the concepts you mentioned. I like getting most students moving around the keyboard faster than many methods do, as well as introducing different keys earlier also. Sounds like something I need to check out very soon!

    Thanks, Cindy J.

  43. I have been hearing great things about Piano Pronto but as yet have not made a purchase. I would love to win the Prelude book with teacher duets to experience it for myself!

  44. I love that it sounds like a good alternative for an older beginner. I’m just not happy with many other options for beginning high school students. Would love to try it out.

  45. Piano Pronto is a method like no other. Jennifer Eklund challenges students with concepts presented earlier than other methods and my students rise to the challenge! They love the more difficult sounding songs and are ahead of the game rhythmically, as they are familiar with a lot of the pieces. I have been using piano pronto a little less than a year and I highly recommend it!

  46. Love that her books have familiar songs my students will know. Other methods have so many songs that they have never heard of.

  47. Hi,
    It all sounds wonderful to me however I really like that “It requires students to move around the keyboard early on (starting in the Prelude Book).”

  48. I think it would be really useful for my Suzuki transfer student who has great technique but needs some work on reading.

  49. I have been reading such wonderful things about your books! I plan on ordering a few next week for some of my students and can’t wait to get started with them!

  50. I keep reading lots if different forums that keep suggesting this series. That has me very intrigued to discover got myself what everyone is talking about. Most have said they are really appealing songs. Can’t wait to try them.

  51. The all-in-one-ness intrigues me. In the past I’ve relied on method book sets and it’s beginning to feel like a crutch.

  52. I think it’s amazing how quickly Jennifer can respond to the requests-she had duets written almost immediately.

  53. I’ve just been reading recently about Jennifer’s Piano Pronto books. I do like how they sound like a student could move along at a faster pace than most method books with the introduction of eight notes sooner. Looking forward to trying some of these books and teacher duets soon.

  54. I purchased several digital books maybe 4 years ago and love them! I appreciate the use of well known folk tunes and pieces students want to learn. My favorite aspect of these books is that I can now use them within the Piano Mastro app! Thank you for partnering with the creators of this app. I love that you are so forward thinking with the use of technology in the studio.

  55. I am very interested in the all-in-one method book. I was having trouble with another series in having them lined up in a sequential way.

  56. I can’t wait to start a couple of my students with Prelude and Movement 1. Jennifer’s music always rejuvenates my teaching and creates excitement in my students playing. They can’t wait to be introduced to another one of her compositions!

  57. I used some of her solos at my recital this year. The students loved them. I have purchased some of her books to start students in this year. I’m excited to give them a try.

  58. Moving around the keyboard right from the start is essential for continued interest and motivation – so many methods restrict pupils to the middle C position for weeks – how boring is that!

  59. Been reading and listening to many previews of Piano Pronto over the past week, and I am very excited to try out some new songs & books with my students!

  60. I’ve been teaching full-time for a few years now, mostly using the alfred basic and some alfred premiere with other solo supplements. Have heard many good things about Piano Pronto and would love to check it out. I am especially interested in it’s ability to engage the older/adult player, as that is always a tricky task. Thanks!

  61. I like that it is a all in one book and that it requires moving around on the keyboard early. Thanks????

  62. I like the idea of students moving around the keyboard in the early stages so they are using the full keyboard rather than just the part in the middle. I haven’t tried the Piano Pronto books but have bought several of Jennifer’s duets and other music books and both my students and I really enjoy playing them.

  63. I have really enjoyed Jennifer’s method books, solos and the Beethoven and Mozart books and my students love her songs so much they are ordering them for themselves! Thanks and keep composing, Jennifer! Hope to see you on the Piano Teachers’ Cruise in April 2015!
    With love and music,
    Ms. Susan

  64. It looks like there are many reasons to choose Piano Pronto! I really have a hard time picking just one. I’ll go with ‘It teaches key signatures early on’. I teach my kids pentascales and then scales in the beginning and it would be wonderful to have lesson books to coordinate with that.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  65. I love Piano Pronto! Started a new student in the Prelude book and she did so well, I’ve been switching all of my students to Piano Pronto. My students love the “Pronto Preps” before a song that helps prepare them to learn the song. We all love all of her supplemental music! HUGE hit in my studio! Students from young to adults are requesting Jennifer’s music. That speaks volumes to me as a teacher when not only do they love the music and want to practice it, but I love playing it also!

  66. I haven’t used Piano Pronto yet, but I’m excited to hear that it teaches moving around the keyboard early on!

  67. I love that it uses familiar tunes. And I love print layout, too. It’s easy on the eyes and easy to identify patterns. I’m excited to try the teacher duets!

  68. Very interested in starting on the staff! I often feel that the pre-reading sections in the other methods take way too long if a student is motivated and/or older with some music experience (from a general music class, for example).

  69. I am very intrigued by these books. Love the concept of reading the staff from the beginning.

  70. Thank you for sharing Piano Pronto. I would love to have this great resource for my next piano recital. I know my students, all ages and levels, will enjoying playing the duets.

  71. I’ve been using Jennifer’s solo pieces for about a year and my students love them. This new publication sounds like a great addition to her series- I can’t wait to try it!

  72. I have not had the opportunity to use Piano Pronto, but I am interested in trying them out as most beginning method books lack opportunities for playing in multiple keys and rhythms, and the introduction early on of familiar tunes is great for motivation and delight!

  73. I have never hear of the Piano Pronto method, but having the option of on-staff note reading as an option sounds interesting. Also, one book, as long as it is well organized, would be a nice change to the 3-4 right now required for each level.

  74. I like the idea that Piano Pronto is an all-in-one book and wish that other publishers would do this too. I look forward to checking this method out further!

  75. I’m so glad to know of this series! Moving all over the keyboard early on is what’s missing in so many methods. Students get stuck in the beginning hand position and have trouble shifting their thinking when they finally get a piece that requires moving the arms a bit. I get so frustrated with the built-in situation of students calling notes by the beginning-position finger numbers, no matter how many times we discuss it!

  76. I just ordered some of her material and will be trying it out in a couple of weeks. I admire her ability to put out music on her own. Sometimes I really wonder about the music put out by major publishing companies.

  77. Joy, I heard you discuss the Piano Pronto Series on your Google Hangout last week, and since it was one of the top 3 methods that were discussed, it piqued my curiosity.!
    Looking at the website I’m impressed with the range of great piano classics presented in such an accessible way that these excellent arrangements appeal to both younger and older students. The theory sections in the Prelude and Movement books are clear and concise.

    Thanks to Jennifer Eklund for providing piano teachers with this excellent resource!

    1. Also, I forgot to mention that I noticed that several Piano Pronto books are on the Piano Maestro ipad app. in the method book section. This is just another reason to switch to Piano Pronto.

  78. Piano Pronto has been just the ‘breath of FRESH AIR’ and face-lift that my music studio needed! I’ve been moving most of my 40+ students into Jennifer’s Prelude, Theory book and Spotlight solos. I’m very happy that Prelude uses a huge variety of familiar folk tunes and classical themes. My students are so excited that they can play songs they’re familiar with! And I, as the teacher, am super thrilled to have this new material to liven up my studio – I’m excited about teaching every day! (Also, super-stoked about the new TEACHER DUETS just written and released for EVERY song in the Prelude book!! THAT was an excellent added bonus to an already great method.) Kudos to Jennifer Eklund!

  79. I like the Piano Pronto books because Jennifer has arranged “heritage” songs in full sounding arrangements from beginner students and beyond. Some songs are repeated in later levels with more advanced harmonies and techniques. I like the heritage songs because 1. Most students “sorta” know these songs and like playing something they recognize and 2. I believe we are losing our national heritage as public schools continue to downsize music programs and these songs are being heard less and less frequently in this society. Yet, my students enjoy playing them and I am grateful to Jennifer for arranging this music to help students learn to play piano.

  80. These would be fantastic! I teach a wide range of students- ability, disability, age, experience- and I am always looking to experiment with new methods. Thank you!

  81. I am so excited to start Jennifer Eklunds piano pronto lesson book series with my students. After 13 years using Piano Adventures her series is a fresh of breath air.

  82. I prefer to start teaching on-staff, so I would definitely like that part of these books. My students always like it when they recognize a song too. Having familiar classical and folk songs would be nice!

  83. I love that these book make the world’s great music (be it classical or otherwise) accessible to younger students. I also like that these books include just enough fingering to help without giving the students a crutch.

  84. I’ve been interested in what I’ve been reading about the familiar songs she’s chosen to incorporate in the books. I think I may finally have to join in on the Piano Pronto bandwagon!

  85. Well, after reading all 100+ comments, it seems I need to head over to the website and order some new books to try out! I try to match method books with students and find motivating supplemental material, so this looks like a great tool to add to the toolkit. I really like the idea of familiar music and an all-in-one approach, especially for those students who just can’t seem to remember their theory books every week :).

  86. I’ve seen Piano Pronto mentioned on the facebook page and am curious to look it over, and I’ve always love playing the teacher duets with my students!

  87. I’ve just started using these books recently and I am in love! I’ve never been a fan of method books starting with black keys…really their slow start in general. I love how Piano Pronto gives a bit of an intro, but then jumps right into playing on the staff! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the Facebook post that the duets for this method are now available. I am really big into duets with my students, so this was great news. I also love the supplemental pieces. They range from beautiful to just down right fun. I was super bored with my previous method book and was having a hard time finding one I loved to teach with. I discovered Piano Pronto at THE perfect time! My students seem to be much more engaged with this method book and clearly I’m kind of excited about it, too. Thanks, Jennifer!!

  88. Four of my students are playing Jennifer’s music. It was so satisfying to send students home playing “real” music after their lesson.

  89. I would LOVE to win this book. I’ve been looking at getting some of Jennifer’s music. I wish I would’ve found Piano Pronto a couple years earlier!

  90. Honestly, the most intriguing part to me is that it isn’t age-specific, but the rapid introduction of more complex concepts is definitely something I want to check out.

  91. I’ve been using PP supplements with my students at the end of last year and they LOVED them. I’m excited to start quite a few in fall with the method books. I’m nost excited by the concept of starting on the staff right from the very first lesson.

  92. Guess these books are great, according to everyone. Sure enjoying your Google Hangouts. Thanks so much for doing them.


  93. I am going to start an older beginner in this method next week! I would love the teacher duets. I am really looking forward to starting with on – staff notation, and combining that with familiar tunes.

  94. I like the fact that it is an all-in-one book. I’ve used some of her supplemental pieces and my students love them! I plan to start my granddaughter in the prelude book soon.

  95. I love teaching rhythms with eighth notes early on! My students really enjoy playing around with more complex rhythms that are presented in a comprehensive and easy to understand way.

  96. I haven’t hears of these yet, but I’m intrigued. I love all in one method books and it drives me crazy that most methods wait so long before introducing eighth notes and key signatures, making them seem scary.

  97. I really like the use of folk songs. I use this in with my band students and it really is something they enjoy, especially when they can play folk songs from their culture.

  98. “All in one” streamlines everything! Introduction of key signatures early will coordinate with my theory-technic-ear training teaching of pentascales. Appealing music should lift the spirits of teens! The Pronto Prep is a great feature. I hope to try “Piano Pronto”, well…pronto! Thanks.

  99. The aspect that I am most interested in is the inclusion of familiar classical and folk tunes. My students always seem more motivated to learn pieces that they recognize.

  100. Having stumbled across your blog while looking for ideas on how to introduce my 6 year old to piano, I am definitely open to any curriculum. We are a homeschooling family and I have 12 years of classical piano under my belt (though admittedly it’s been more than that since I played regularly 🙁 ) She has expressed interest and I would love to have her playing music after her first lesson- what a fun way to learn 🙂

  101. Gosh, I like the sound of everything. I would love to win a copy to check out and try with a new student this fall!

  102. All of it sounds amazing. I think this method would be perfect for my older beginners, they get so bored so quickly! I’m excited to look into it! Also I hope I win. 😀

  103. I love that this book is all-in-one! It sometimes overwhelms students to have so many different books (lesson, theory, exercise, and performance books.) I also love that this book starts immediately on the staff 🙂

  104. I’m excited to find a new book that will not only have my students playing familiar tunes faster but will be great for those older students who already have some background in music. As the title goes they will be playing piano pronto!

  105. I haven’t used any Piano Pronto books yet, but I love the idea of them! Especially on-staff reading so quickly. And playing songs the kids are familiar with – that’s great motivation!

  106. I love that the Piano Pronto books begins with on-staff reading! My 7/8 year old beginners don’t really need the pre-staff music found in so many method books.

  107. I love the fact that the theory is part of the learning process AND part of the book. This way, the questions are relevant to the practical side of the lesson.
    The Piano Pronto books are now on my wish list.

  108. I like how it incorporates familiar tunes and classics! I also love having teacher duets, especially for beginning level students. It makes playing piano much more fun!

  109. I think the fact that the book is a comprehensive introduction to playing the piano intrigues me the most. I’d love to examine how Jennifer transitions from one aspect of piano playing to another if I win.

  110. I am interested in her using familiar folk tunes and melodies. Listening is so important as a musician and I am sure this will make all the students feel successful right away.

  111. I have a level 2 student who does not like her Piano adventures at all. I’ve been searching other books but they are all the same. Until Joy posted this and found Piano Pronto. I think the Piano Pronto will work for her and I would also like to try using the prelude books for my new students. I can’t wait to receive my copies and use them in a couple of weeks!

  112. Any NEGATIVE comments? I have 2 students wanting to transfer to my studio that play from these books and I am certainly motivated to learn more. Although these kids play well for the length of time studied, they are not able to explain most of the concepts they play, nor are their rhythms accurate. I am hopeful other teachers will comment!

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