New Studio Room Set-Up

As promised, I have a few photos to share of my studio room with the piano moved in!  (Previous post: Piano Studio Room Transformation)

But first, here are a few scary photos of my piano being moved.  🙂


Moving the piano out of the old house was a relatively simple process, but getting it into the new house was interesting.  The piano movers decided the piano would not make it around the bend in the front entryway of the house, so we went around to the back of the house.  The piano BARELY fit under the deck’s gutter system, but it made it!


I still need to shop for curtains, as well as a rug and chairs for the waiting room area (in front of the fireplace).  I’m using the chairs you see below until I have the time to shop for something else.

DSC_20140528_133428 web-3

I bought my rug from Menard’s and the desk and bookcases are from IKEA.  I LOVE how everything looks so far!  This room turned out far better than I expected.  It is amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do.

DSC_20140528_133509 web-3

We still have plenty of boxes to unpack in the garage, but at least my studio looks put-together!  🙂

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8 thoughts on “New Studio Room Set-Up”

  1. Love the room! We’ve been trying to figure out a way to add on a music room to our house. Do you know how much square footage you have in your new room?

  2. Great room! It’s always scary to see your piano being moved on those tiny little boards. The movers dropped my 7′ Fazioli on its tail on the way into our house. Talk about heart failure! Luckily, no damage was done other than to my nerves. Enjoy the new house. 🙂

  3. Looks fantastic, Joy. I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to see pictures once you’re all settled in. Your students are in for a treat.

  4. Looks great! I like how it’s come together so far. Just a suggestion… Are you getting anything to replace your snack table by the piano? I was thinking a little “something” (cabinet, etc.) on castors to match the book cases would look nice. This way you could roll it away when you want. I once saw a thing made of oak that was a cross between a file cabinet and a craft cart. It had both drawers on the base and a flap that folded up and down. The top had compartments to hold pencils paper etc. Something like that… But the room looks great. Have fun shopping for your furniture.

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention in my blog post, but I am planning to replace that snack table! I saw some wheeled drawer units at IKEA, and I might go back and get one of those. I’m still shopping around! 🙂

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