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Announcing: Piano Teacher Institute with Joy Morin

I received nearly 300 responses to my survey about offering an online piano course for piano teachers.  I was so encouraged by your comments that I immediately began writing the course material to be able to offer a 6-week course this summer.  Thanks so much for your feedback!  I am SO excited about this endeavor.

Here is the official announcement:


Here is how the online course will work:

  • Registrants will receive a username and login to the course page.  Each week on Sunday, new coursework is added to the website.  Each week’s material will focus on a different topic.  After downloading the PDFs, you can study the coursework from your computer or tablet.  Many supplemental PDF examples, forms, and other resources will also be available for download.
  • Completed assignments can be emailed to Joy if you are interested in receiving feedback.  All assignments are optional, allowing you the flexibility to decide how your time is best spent.
  • Every Friday during the course, you will be invited to participate in a live video chat via Google Hangout.  This is your chance to ask questions and interact with Joy and others who are taking the course.  (Non-registrants are invited to observe the Google Hangout occurring live from Joy’s YouTube channel, or watch the recorded video afterwards.)
  • A forum will be available on the website, allowing you to post questions or participate in discussions with other registrants at any time.


This summer’s 6-week course is intended for piano teachers seeking to learn more about business topics, piano methods, pedagogy, and much more.  This jam-packed course is perfect for the new piano teacher as well as for the experienced piano teachers who looking to revitalize their teaching.  You won’t be disappointed!

Here is the list of weekly topics I hope to cover between June 9 – July 28:

  1. Business Sense — business structures, bookkeeping, taxes, marketing, and more.
  2. Developing Music Literacy in Students — teaching objectives, learning styles, and a history and overview of current piano methods.
  3. Finding and Choosing Repertoire — leveling, publishers, anthologies, and more.
  4. Lesson/Curriculum Planning — leading the lesson, making assignment sheets, and planning long-term for students.
  5. More info coming soon!
  6. More info coming soon! 

The dates and topics are somewhat tentative and the cost has not yet been set.  Please stay tuned as the details continue to fall into place.  🙂

Registration opens in May and will be open to only 10 teachers (I want to be sure to have time to give feedback to all the registrant’s assignments. I will probably offer the course again in the Fall if there is enough interest.).  Visit to learn more and sign-up for the email list for the latest updates about this course and future courses.

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19 thoughts on “Announcing: Piano Teacher Institute with Joy Morin”

  1. This is so amazing and I am really excited about this! But can only 10 teachers take the course? Or only 10 can register in May? I’m confused about that part.

    1. I’m planning to offer the course once this summer with 10 teachers (first come, first serve). I would like to offer the course again, possibly this Fall!

      The reason I am limiting registration is because I want to be sure to have enough time to devote to providing feedback on the assignments for all of the teachers taking the course. 🙂

    1. Registration will be first-come, first serve! The reason I am limiting registration is because I want to be sure to have enough time to devote to providing feedback on the assignments.

  2. Hello! I got so excited when I saw that you are going to offer online classes. I love your website and am so appreciative that you share your work – thank you! I’m bummed about only 10 teachers though. I respect why, I just realize that my chances of getting in the class are slim now. 🙁 Is it possible to open the class up to more than 10 – with anyone past the 10th person agreeing that they won’t get feedback? Just throwing out an idea, you’ve probably considered all possibilities. Thanks so much for all you do! 🙂

    1. like Megan’s idea…what about others just ‘auditing’ the course….pay less of a fee and no feed back…just what you post?

  3. This is so exciting! I am wrapping up my 1st year of full time piano instruction. Hoping to take this course in the future .. if not this summer 😉

    Thanks Joy!

  4. Wow, this is a great idea! I hope you do offer this again for more teachers, as I’m sure there will be demand for it. Love your website!

  5. This looks awesome! It looks like the registration still says “coming soon”. Any idea on when it will open? Thanks.

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